Tuesday, 13 May 2014

My Holy Grail Hair Care Products | For Soft & Sleek Hair

Hi Beauty Lovers!

I hope your all gearing up for summer, we've had a few sunny days here in Sheffield and my sunnies have made their first appearance of 2014.

As you may or may not know, I have long hair, there's no denying it, it's as long as a horse mane and untameable as a lions. I took the plunge last year and had my au natural brunette hair ombre'd blonde. Once that bleach mixed with my naturally dry, course curly locks it sucked all the moisture right out of it, and I was not going to have bad hair so I took action! I armed myself with all the hair care products boots stocked, but after six or so months some champions arose and I've repurchased the same three products on a monthly basis.

Before I start I thought a back ground on my hair would be wise. I have waist length hair which is naturally curly, thick and course, thanks very much mum *rolls eyes*. The tips have been bleached once to achieve an ombre effect, I had a toner applied this year to rid the orange brassy tones, the brunette part of my hair is all my own, zero dye. I use heated styling products, such as a hair drier or straighteners, probably once or twice a month.

LOreal Paris Elvive Full Restore 5 Masque - £5.09
LOreal claim using this mask regularly will improve your hairs strength, density, vitality and make it silky and shiny, I can hand on heart say that I've noticed an improvement in all these factors. I use this hair mask every single time I wash my hair, I use it soley on my blonde tips to give it the moisture boost it needs.

After every wash my hair is soft, tangle free and when dried naturally has a gorgeous shine. I've not lost any thickness through the ends due to the bleaching, I have hardly any split ends that I can see. I have my hair cut twice a year and I only ever need an CM or two snipping off.

I've used so many hair masks I've lost count, and none have been anywhere near as loving to my hair as this one. Its cheap at £5.09, I easily use one 300ml tub a month, but considering my hair is past my belly button that's not too excessive.

LOreal Paris Elvive Full Restore 5 Conditioning Repairing Leave In Spray - £5.99
I bought this to match the hair mask, to give my hair that extra moisture surge, It also helps my tangle tamer glider through any stubborn knots without scalping me. I happen to be obsessed with the smell of this, and sometimes just spritz some through my tips in between washes to keep it smelling fresh and keep my tips soft.

I know straight haired people will pull a face at this but us curly haired folk do not brush our hair daily, unless we want unsightly frizzy hair, so for us leave in conditioner is our best friend, it keeps out hair looking soft and tame until the next wash. I only ever brush or comb my hair when its wet, I've always done this and my hair is in amazing condition.

Its budget friendly at £5.99, I typically use a 200ml bottle a month, again this may seem excessive but baring in mind how much hair I have its really not.

LOreal Paris Elvive Smooth Intense Anti-Frizz Serum - £5.99
My last hair care saviour is in the form of a serum, no curly hair gal can be without a serum, it transform frizzy and fly away hair into a smooth and sleek mane. I only ever use this when my hair is wet, I apply one pump through the ends of my hair only, as it can make my roots look slightly greasy. The smell is gorgeous and little goes a long way, when my hair dries naturally I have zero frizz and no fly away hair, perfect.

Since having my hair ombre'd well over six months ago I'm only on my second bottle, very budget friendly, surprising as there is only 50ml in a bottle.

Tangle Teezer Purple - £10.99
This hair has saved me tears on countless occasions, any knots that dare to form in my hair get painlessly and effortlessly pulled loose by my trusty tangle teezer. The only issue I have with this brush is, it is SO frustratingly hard to hold onto in the shower!

All these products have kept my hair in tip top condition, there all cheap and smell amazing!

Let me know what your hair care must haves are...


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