Tuesday, 20 May 2014

MAC Palette Month Five

Hi Beauty Lovers!

Can you believe its that time already, It only seems two minutes ago that I was unveiling Woodwinked. Would it be weird of me to measure time by my MAC purchases...nah I thought not!

Before we start, catch up on my previous posts here...

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Sumptuous Olive
Argh how gorgeous is that shade, yes that was a rhetorical question, we all know the answer is 'bloody gorgeous'. I wanted to step out of comfort zone and choose a shade that I rarely wear, that being green. Now educationally speaking green on green eyes shouldn't work, however I'm willing to bend the rules for this particular eyeshadow.

Its a deep khaki shade with a slight golden undertone, it looks gorgeous worn alone, or smoked out for that evening glam look.

What are your thoughts on Sumptuous Olive? Have you ever broken the eye shadow rules for a shade you just could not live without?



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