Thursday, 29 May 2014


Hi Beauty Lovers!

I recently made a small purchase and received a parcel all the way from America, thumbs up for me making my first international makeup order!

Along with ordering some irresistible Makeup Geek products, review here I also ordered a handy Z-palette.

I've recently rearranged my makeup collection, only then did it dawn on me how much clutter I actually have. When I saw the Z-palettes I ordered the largest size and depotted the hell out of my eye shadows resulting in more space for more makeup...yey for girl logic!
 These palettes come in various sizes, patterns and various depths which is absolutely genius, this means you can depot 'baked' products which are typically domed.
These palettes are stocked in the UK, however it worked out cheaper for me to order it from Makeup Geek, however I wouldn't recommend this unless your making a large order.
Do you like the look of these? Let me know your thoughts.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Makeup Geek Haul | First Impressions

Hi Beauty Lovers!

Today I wanted to share with you the results of my first ever American make up haul. If you watch any American YouTuber you'll have seen them use Makeup Geek eye shadows a million and one times, and I finally caved and looked up these gorgeous products.

L-R - Pixie Dust | Mermaid | Peach Smoothie | Beaches & Cream | Shimma Shimma
Pixie Dust - shimmery rustic antique gold with a hint of olive
Mermaid - shimmery teal with hints of silver
Peach Smoothie - matte peachy orange
Beaches & Cream - matte soft brown
Shimma Shimma - shimmery pale neutral brown with a hint of silver
All these shades are highly pigmented, pixie dust, mermaid and shimma shimma having the most impact.
Each eye shadow comes as pictured so you will need a palette to store them in. They cost $5.99 which is £3.56, which is crazily cheap for the quality.  I ordered from the official Makeup Geek website, the shipping price was very reasonable, and the delivery time was next to nothing at all.
Let me know if you have any Makeup Geek eye shadows, I'm eventually wanting to order one of every colour!

Friday, 23 May 2014

NYX Haul | First Impressions

Hi Beauty Lovers!

I recently attended the Beauty Show UK with the gorgeous +Charlotte-Louise Thompson, and I went a tad NYX cray cray. They were offering 10% discount off all items so I bought more than I actually intended, but I did show restraint and put some items back, kudos to me.

If you would be interested in seeing what +Charlotte-Louise Thompson and I got up to at the Beauty Show UK then let me know and I'll arrange a blog post.
Firstly I hit the base products, because who doesn't want flawless skin? I was in the market for a new concealer, I've recently started to tire of the beloved Collection Lasting Perfection concealer, it seems like I've only ever used this concealer, so when I saw the HD Photogenic Concealer I snatched the lightest shade I could find. On first impressions it has the coverage but not the thickness, its incredibly smooth and creamy texture glides on to conceal my problem areas.

The next product that caught my eye was the 3-in-1 Wonder Pencil, its made for pin point concealing, lip lining and subtle water lining. This has quickly become my best multitasking friend its so easy and convenient.

My last neutral base product I picked up was the Eyeshadow Base in Skin Tone, I already have the white base and love it, on first impressions it appears slightly orange toned, however it'll be covered in eyeshadow so the points moot.
L-R - Strawberry Milk | Yogurt | Gold

Next I went to town on the Jumbo Pencil's, these little beauties are multitasking heaven, you can highlight, apply alone or wear under an eyeshadow as a pigment boosting base. Strawberry Milk is the perfect spring/summer colour.
T-B - Merengue | Strawberry Parfait | Istanbul
Who hasn't heard about NYX lip products? I picked up their infamous Butter Gloss and Soft Matte Lip Cream. These are the perfect summer lip products, there light but have such pigmented impact. Merengue and Strawberry Parfait are the Butter Glosses and Istanbul is the Soft Matte Lip Cream.
I picked up the Studio Perfect Photo-Loving Primer in Green, I'm not sure how I feel about this primer, I thought it would be more opaque, but its very sheer. I haven't used this yet but I'm excited and intrigued to give it a whirl.
The last product I picked up was the Brush Definer - Eye, I've wanted a synthetic push liner brush for a while and this looks perfect, I cant wait to get my wing on!

This is my first NYX haul and so far I'm very impressed, what are you favourite NYX products?



Tuesday, 20 May 2014

MAC Palette Month Five

Hi Beauty Lovers!

Can you believe its that time already, It only seems two minutes ago that I was unveiling Woodwinked. Would it be weird of me to measure time by my MAC purchases...nah I thought not!

Before we start, catch up on my previous posts here...

Month One | Month Two | Month Three | Month Four

Sumptuous Olive
Argh how gorgeous is that shade, yes that was a rhetorical question, we all know the answer is 'bloody gorgeous'. I wanted to step out of comfort zone and choose a shade that I rarely wear, that being green. Now educationally speaking green on green eyes shouldn't work, however I'm willing to bend the rules for this particular eyeshadow.

Its a deep khaki shade with a slight golden undertone, it looks gorgeous worn alone, or smoked out for that evening glam look.

What are your thoughts on Sumptuous Olive? Have you ever broken the eye shadow rules for a shade you just could not live without?



Sunday, 18 May 2014

Red Cherry Eyelashes | Show & Tell | Part 2

Hi Beauty Lovers!
Today I'm back with the second part of my Red Cherry Eyelash mini haul, you can read the first part here.
Todays post is short and sweet and will be a show and tell style post, just so can truly appreciate the gorgeousness of these lashes!
My lashes with one coat of mascara
 The #DEL pair
The #DW pair

The #43 pair
As you can clearly see these lashes are incredibly gorgeous and the best part...the lash band is none existent! The #DEL's haven't left my eyes for a second, I've received so many compliments when I've worn these, mostly people thinking there my own, I wont tell if you don't ;)


Thursday, 15 May 2014

Red Cherry Lashes | Review | Part 1

Hi Beauty Lovers!

Today I'm sharing with you my latest obsession...Red Cherry Eyelashes. A few weeks ago I was casually scrolling through all the gorgeous makeup looks on Instagram and I saw a picture of someone wearing the #43 lashes and I instantly fell in love. I scoured the internet found a UK stockist, and to my surprise they were £2.99 a pair.
I bought three pairs, #DEL, #DW and #43.

The #DEL Pair
These are the most natural lashes I bought, I thought they would be perfect for every day, the lash band is completely clear with only a few spouts of lashes, this means you can get away without applying eyeliner to hide the band. I've been wearing these on days when I'm out in the day, there so much quicker to apply then loading my lashes with mascara. I love them.
The #DW Pair
These are my favourite pair, they are very similar to the #43 pair, but slightly more subtle. They have a clear lash band like the others, but the difference lies in the length and direction of the lashes, some are long and slanted that give a criss cross effect and some are short and forward facing, overall your left with the appearance of full but wispy lashes.
The #43 Pair
These are the thickest and fullest pair I bought, there so long and soft. I thought they would be perfect for a night out, or a special occasion when I wanted gorgeously thick, over the top lashes. The lash band is clear and each lash is individually attached to the band, meaning they can be worn with even the thinnest line of eyeliner.
I could not recommend these lashes enough, they are absolutely gorgeous at a price which could not be more budget friendly.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

My Holy Grail Hair Care Products | For Soft & Sleek Hair

Hi Beauty Lovers!

I hope your all gearing up for summer, we've had a few sunny days here in Sheffield and my sunnies have made their first appearance of 2014.

As you may or may not know, I have long hair, there's no denying it, it's as long as a horse mane and untameable as a lions. I took the plunge last year and had my au natural brunette hair ombre'd blonde. Once that bleach mixed with my naturally dry, course curly locks it sucked all the moisture right out of it, and I was not going to have bad hair so I took action! I armed myself with all the hair care products boots stocked, but after six or so months some champions arose and I've repurchased the same three products on a monthly basis.

Before I start I thought a back ground on my hair would be wise. I have waist length hair which is naturally curly, thick and course, thanks very much mum *rolls eyes*. The tips have been bleached once to achieve an ombre effect, I had a toner applied this year to rid the orange brassy tones, the brunette part of my hair is all my own, zero dye. I use heated styling products, such as a hair drier or straighteners, probably once or twice a month.

LOreal Paris Elvive Full Restore 5 Masque - £5.09
LOreal claim using this mask regularly will improve your hairs strength, density, vitality and make it silky and shiny, I can hand on heart say that I've noticed an improvement in all these factors. I use this hair mask every single time I wash my hair, I use it soley on my blonde tips to give it the moisture boost it needs.

After every wash my hair is soft, tangle free and when dried naturally has a gorgeous shine. I've not lost any thickness through the ends due to the bleaching, I have hardly any split ends that I can see. I have my hair cut twice a year and I only ever need an CM or two snipping off.

I've used so many hair masks I've lost count, and none have been anywhere near as loving to my hair as this one. Its cheap at £5.09, I easily use one 300ml tub a month, but considering my hair is past my belly button that's not too excessive.

LOreal Paris Elvive Full Restore 5 Conditioning Repairing Leave In Spray - £5.99
I bought this to match the hair mask, to give my hair that extra moisture surge, It also helps my tangle tamer glider through any stubborn knots without scalping me. I happen to be obsessed with the smell of this, and sometimes just spritz some through my tips in between washes to keep it smelling fresh and keep my tips soft.

I know straight haired people will pull a face at this but us curly haired folk do not brush our hair daily, unless we want unsightly frizzy hair, so for us leave in conditioner is our best friend, it keeps out hair looking soft and tame until the next wash. I only ever brush or comb my hair when its wet, I've always done this and my hair is in amazing condition.

Its budget friendly at £5.99, I typically use a 200ml bottle a month, again this may seem excessive but baring in mind how much hair I have its really not.

LOreal Paris Elvive Smooth Intense Anti-Frizz Serum - £5.99
My last hair care saviour is in the form of a serum, no curly hair gal can be without a serum, it transform frizzy and fly away hair into a smooth and sleek mane. I only ever use this when my hair is wet, I apply one pump through the ends of my hair only, as it can make my roots look slightly greasy. The smell is gorgeous and little goes a long way, when my hair dries naturally I have zero frizz and no fly away hair, perfect.

Since having my hair ombre'd well over six months ago I'm only on my second bottle, very budget friendly, surprising as there is only 50ml in a bottle.

Tangle Teezer Purple - £10.99
This hair has saved me tears on countless occasions, any knots that dare to form in my hair get painlessly and effortlessly pulled loose by my trusty tangle teezer. The only issue I have with this brush is, it is SO frustratingly hard to hold onto in the shower!

All these products have kept my hair in tip top condition, there all cheap and smell amazing!

Let me know what your hair care must haves are...


Friday, 9 May 2014

ELF Haul

Hi Beauty Lovers!

+e.l.f. Cosmetics have been at it again, they recently had one of their famous 50% discount promotions... as if I needed an excuse to buy more makeup! I also got two free gifts with my order...yippee.

Mineral Eyeshadow - £1.50 each
Top - Bottom: Angelic | Mysterious | Golden | Celebrity

Mysterious - matte lavender purple
Angelic - pure white with a hint of shimmer
Golden - shimmery copper tone
Celebrity - shimmery tan brown

I love these pigments so much, they have such impact on the eyes. Angelic is such a gorgeous under brow highlight shade. Mysterious was the freebie, although its purple, its a very neutral purple, very muted and pretty.

Long-Lasting Lustrious Eyeshadow - £1.98 each
Left: Toast | Right: Soiree 
Top: Toast | Bottom: Soiree

Toast - shimmery gold with a hint of olive green
Soiree - shimmery plum purple

I bought these strange jelly formula eyeshadows on the recommendation of +Shaaanxo, I saw them in one of her ELF haul videos and she spoke highly of them. I cant believe how pigmented and beautiful they are. They would look pretty on their own or would amp up any eyeshadow as a base.

Eyebrow Kit - Medium - £1.98
This was another purchase on the recommendation of +Shaaanxo., I've her use this more times then I've had hot dinners. I've been using the wax first and then applying a thin layer of the powder and my brows look amazing! I bought this kit in medium and the colour is slightly too warm for me, so unfortunately I cant draw outside the lines, I'll be repurchasing in dark as soon as it's back in stock.

Cream Blush - Flirt - £3.25

Me and cream blush have a mutual fear of each other, I always think the product os going to apply super pigmented and people will stare at my ridiculously red cheeks, oh the anxiety! I actually really got on with this formula, it applies very light and can be built upon for those who dare. I've used this several times and I dab a small amount onto my cheeks for a subtle look. The colour can only be described as bubble gum pink, its absolutely gorgeous!

Fan Brush - £0.98
I bought this as a cheaper alternative to the NARS ITA brush, which after finally coming back in stock has doubled in price...scandalous! I've recently delved into the contouring world and I've been loving this brush to carve out my cheek bones, check me out using the lingo! ELF also gave me a second as a freebie!

I hope you enjoyed this mini haul, if you want to see a more in depth review on anything then let me know.



Tuesday, 6 May 2014

YSL Shocking Mascara - Review

Hi Beauty Lovers!
I hope you all had another great bank holiday weekend, I spent mine writing blog posts, writing my dissertation and panicking about my lack of holiday clothing for my impending holiday, so just your average bank holiday weekend.
Todays post as you can guess from the title, is a review of the much raved about YSL 'Shocking' mascara. I'd heard so many amazing things about this product that I decided to take the plunge and give it a whirl myself, something which I am now regretting...
Packaging & Product 
Can we just have a minute to appreciate this gorgeous mascara...? Who doesn't love gold plated mascara?! Okay maybe it's not real gold, but still its pretty! The main thing I love about this packaging, no matter how you twist the mascara wand on the 'YSL' always lines up, and I mean always.
As I've mentioned in previous mascara reviews, for me it's all about the wand, and boy do I love this wand. I've recently fallen for comb style wands, but my first love will always be the fat wand.
Left: 'Shocking' free mascara | Middle: One layer of 'Shocking' | Right: Two layers of 'Shocking'
Sadly for me that where the positives end, I find this mascara way too unpredictable for my liking. I can use this one day and BOOM perfectly long lashes, the next day I have thee clumped together lashes. The only way I can get luscious lashes is if I scrap off the ridiculous amount of excess that accumulates on the wand, which wastes so much product.
Shockingly I now only use this mascara to lengthen my bottom lashes.
I was lucky enough to get this mascara for around £18, duty free price, sadly I wont be repurchasing this mascara again.
I think I'll stick to the top dog of mascaras from now on...Clinique
Let me know what you thought of this mascara, was you as shocked by it as me?


Sunday, 4 May 2014

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Eyeshadow - Review | Bobbi Brown Week

Hi Beauty Lovers!

Welcome back to Bobbi Brown week, todays post is the last in the series, sad I know! I could have easily blogged about all of my Bobbi Brown products as there all so amazing but that would make for one hell of a long series.

Catch up on the other posts in the series here: Foundation | Bronzer | Lipstick


For once I have found a flaw in otherwise flawless packaging! I bought this eye shadow, mainly because its gorgeous, and I thought it would be perfect for days when I'm in a rush and want to slap something on my eyes and flee, but sadly this is not possible. The glass pot is sadly too small to dunk my fingers in and go, I need at least three attempts to get a good layer of product on my eyes. For once I curse small packaging!


On the days were I do get the time to apply it, I love it. The colour is really hard to describe, it has a pink toned pale brown base, that shines pale pink the in the light, whatever colour it is...its beautiful.
Swatch of 'Cool Lilac' - 38
Once you've managed to apply the eye shadow it will stay all day long, even without priming beforehand. I find it to be the perfect nude shade for your lids, an 'is she, isn't she' shade.


Compared to other cream style eye shadows available these are more expensive at £18.50 each. For me this is a product I can take or leave, I wont be in a hurry to purchase another, but the one I have will definitely get used up.

I really hope you enjoyed this series, and please let me know what you thought and if you want another brand series.


Friday, 2 May 2014

Bobbi Brown Lipstick Review | Bobbi Brown Week

Hi Beauty Lovers!
Welcome back to my Bobbi Brown series I hope you've been enjoying my posts this week.
Catch up on my previous posts here: Foundation Stick | Bronzing Powder
If you're a regular reader you'll know I'm a sucker for a pink lipstick, and obviously when I was glancing over the Bobbi Brown lipsticks this one stood out to me, the gorgeous 'Pink Peony - 28'.
As I've said in my previous posts, I love love LOVE Bobbi Brown packaging.
For my I'm either all about the simple and sophisticated packaging or the outrageously over the top packaging, anything in between earns it way out of my everyday makeup bag.
It was definitely a clouds parting and a beam of sunlight shining down moment when I laid eyes on this shade, from there it was a mental debate over whether I had this particular shade of dusty pink, and obviously I did not.
Swatch of 'Pink Peony'
Lip Swatch of 'Pink Peony'
The colour comes off more coral in the photographs, but it's more of a dusty pink colour, making it the perfect spring lip colour. I have ridiculously dry lips so I apply lip balm beforehand, this stops it magnetising to my dry patches and gives a more subtle finish. The formula at first is quite hard, very similar to Ruby Woo by MAC, but once you've broke it in, it applies like a dream.
I was pleasantly surprised by the cost of this, at £19 its not going to break the bank, and it'll last you a fair few spring seasons.
I hope your still enjoying this series, sadly the next post is the last in series, I know I know its a crying shame. Look out for my next post about my gorgeous Bobbi Brown Cream Eye Shadow.
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