Tuesday, 8 April 2014

My HD Eyebrow Experience | Before & After

Hi Beauty Lovers!
Today’s post is a slightly different one, I’ve been having my eyebrows HD’d for around 3 months now, so I thought it would be nice to explain more about my experience with HD brows and show your some before and after photographs.

I started my HD brow journey in January, after finally having enough of plucking my eyebrows into an okayish shape myself. I did a quick internet search to find a salon near me and found a link to the HD brows official website, where you could search your postcode to find a registered HD bow specialist, and luck had it there was one near me.

My first visit was just a standard wax and my HD brow technician, Tara questioned me about what shape I eventually wanted, which was bold and dramatic. She measured around my face and informed me my brows were too far apart and too short, basically I was too heavy handed with the tweezers! She waxed the bits I didn’t need and left the areas that needed to grow.

It took a lot of getting used to because she’d not touch the middle section, so I thought it looked like I had one eyebrow, but the next day at work I got so many complements on how they looked, and in time I started to get used to them myself.

Before my next appointment, I had to apply a patch test in the form of a temporary tattoo  - I felt like a kid again! I sat with Tara and flicked through what could only be described as an eyebrow catalogue, and I chose the shape I wanted, they do all have names but sadly I can’t remember what mines called. Once I was happy with my choice I chose the colour of my brows, I wanted them to match the colour of my hair so they were tinted slightly darker, this literally takes minutes, and it’s unreal how fast that tint works!

The next step was waxing in the shape I had chosen, I was lucky that my brows had grown so quick and I could have the shape I wanted straight away, depending on the shape you want, you could need several visits. She then threaded away any harshly tinted hairs so my new brows blended into my face, then she plucked any stray ones away.  Lastly my brows got a haircut, which I thought was weird but they looked amazing for it. She then filled in any sparse areas for me which was hardly any, I’m blessed with thick brows, think Jim’s dad on American Pie. And voilĂ  my eyebrows were HD'd!

So now time for some before and after shots...
Before HD Brows 
Immediately after HD Brows - Filled in 
After HD Brows - Unfilled
The whole HD brow experience costs me £25, which I think is very reasonable. I find they look amazing every time I have them done, and it saves me from plucking every week. I also love been pampered!

If you’re fed up with your eyebrows or think they can’t do any other shape than the one your currently sporting then book in for HD eyebrows!

Watch out for my next post, it'll be an eyebrow pictorial.


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