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MUA Haul & Mini Review

Hi Beauty Lovers!

I hope your enjoying my new blogging schedule, its much more reliable than my previous, which was none existent. Just encase you haven't noticed, I've been blogging on Tuesday's and Thursday's with an additional Sunday thrown in alternative weeks.

Todays post is going to be slightly picture heavy so I do apologise in advance, but it gives you something exciting to look at. I did originally attempt to do as my first YouTube video, but when I loaded the video to my computer I found the quality wasn’t great. So whilst I save for a bigger and better camera I thought I would do a blog haul for you.

I’ve never purchased anything from MUA before and typically I don’t buy high street brands, I think I probably have the odd product, but nothing that’s currently or recently being used, but so, so many people were raving about MUA, and how cheap and good quality it was, so when I saw a recent online offer I took advantage.

MUA Single Pearl Eye Shadow – 4 & 29 
(Left Photo) Left: Shade 4 | Right: Shade 29
(Right Photo) Left: Shade 29 | Right: Shade 4
I picked out these two gorgeous shades, which were only £1. They annoyingly don’t have names, there just numbered, but they're both the ‘pearl’ effect eye shadows. They swatch beautifully, very true to what you see in the pan, unfortunately when It comes to wearing them you have to apply with your finger and press on quite hard otherwise the colour just stays on your finger or on the brush, not the best for delicate eyes.

Fashionista – Fashion Secret Gel Liner – Under the Radar
I love a good gel liner and when I saw this shade my heart skipped a beat, it’s a gorgeous dirty bronze colour, not shimmery but not flat, just the perfect shade. Unfortunately that’s where the positives end, the brush you get is terrible, it’s more like a lip brush no way could anyone achieve a decent line with it. The pigmentation is okay, the usual dip of the brush doesn’t suffice, at least three layers would be needed to get a decent colour payoff. The formula is a nightmare, it’s too creamy so it never dries it just smears everywhere.
Undress Your Skin Highlighting Powder

I had to get this product, everyone and there mum has told me how I need this in my life! It looks like a powdered version of my beloved Benefit High Beam, It’s so hard to photograph but its shines the most gorgeous silver/pink. Don't let it fool you, it might not look much in the pan, but applied to your cheek bones and caught in the right light, your face will light up like a disco ball. 
Love Heart Lip Balm – Kiss Me & Sugar Lips
(Bottom Left Photo) left: 'Kiss Me' | Right: 'Sugar Lips'
(Right Photo) Left: 'Kiss Me' | Right: 'Sugar Lips'
These have got to be one of my favourite products of the haul, there super moisturising and have a tiny hint of colour. I literally feel my dry patches rehydrate in seconds. They cost a ridiculous £1.00 each.
Intense Colour Eyeliner Pencil & Lip Liner – Snow White, Softly Lined, Red Drama
(Left Photo) L-R: 'Softly Lined' | 'Red Drama' |  'Snow White' (Eyeliner)
(Right Photo) L-R: 'Snow White' (Eyeliner) | 'Red Drama' | 'Softly Lined'
I’ve wanted a white eyeliner for a while, I find it just opens up your eyes, without it looking too dramatic. When I saw this for £1 I added it straight to my virtual basket. It has great pigmentation, very soft and long lasting, everything you could ever need from an eyeliner.

So now onto the lip liners, I honestly don’t own many so I thought it was time that changed, especially when these were a mere £1.00 each. I absolutely love Red Drama it’s a really creamy and soft formula. Softly Lined I do not care for, it’s chalky, pulls at my skin and makes my lips stick together, a terrible product compared to Red Drama.

Eyelash Brush (E5) and Blusher & Contouring Brush (F6)
Left: Eyelash Brush | Right: Blush and Contouring Brush
I bought the eyelash brush to use as a spoolie for my brows, for £1 it was a bargain, need I say more? The blush and contouring brush I bought exactly for what it says, it applies my blusher perfectly, it has a thinner end so I can blend seamlessly into my hairline.
Fashionista Maxi-Moisture Lipstick – How do I Look?
This is my favourite product of the haul, it says it’s supposed to be a lipstick, but to me it’s more of a tinted balm. It’s become my go to lipstick for work as it's super moisturising with just a hint of colour. It was an absolute steal at £2.00
All in all there are some really good products, and for very reasonable prices. I paid in total, £19.50 for everything pictured here, that included delivery, which at the time was £1. All in all I'm quite happy with my purchases, apart from the eyeliner, that was a disaster, but for £3 it hardly broke the bank.
My advise for anyone wanting to try MUA, read some reviews and watch some first impressions, you'll find out what the superstar products are and which ones are worth giving a miss.

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