Thursday, 3 April 2014

MAC Palette - Month Four

Hi Beauty Lovers!

I know what your all thinking, how has it been 45 days since my last MAC palette post? This month was most definitely a cheat month, I honestly couldn't find a none neutral shade that I really liked and could see myself using, so I decided to pick an earthen shade that really caught my eye.

For any new readers or for those who want a refresher, here's a run down of my previous posts: Month One | Month Two | Month Three.

I've seen so many YouTuber's use 'Woodwinked' in tutorials and although I thought it was pretty, it never really stood out to me, however I'm stood in MAC, hand covered in swatches, feeling defeated because nothings caught my eye, and then I saw it twinkling at me, and when I saw the colour for myself I was speechless...for about 2 seconds then I ran over to the till with the shop sample!
In the pan it looks a medium warm brown with a slight hint of shimmer, so basically every neutral shade you've ever laid your eyes on, but when swatched its a gorgeous metallic bronze shade. Its glides on the eye flawlessly, and is super pigmented.

Although this is a 'cheat' shade I couldn't be happier with my choice, maybe after I've filled my current palette with colourful shades, I'll fill another with gorgeous neutral shades!

Are there any other under dog shades that I should know about?


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