Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Dr Feelgood - Review | A Blast From The Past

Hi Beauty Lovers!
Today’s post is inspired by a post I did a while ago (link here) , where I rummaged through my makeup collection and chose some unloved items to start using every day, one of those products was Benefits Dr. Feelgood. I've used this product religiously since then and thought it deserved its own review. You can still buy this product, so I'm not raving about a discontinued product.
I love vintage Benefit packaging, they seemed to put more effort and thought into the designs, newer products that come out seemed to be flawed or rebranded products seem to appear cheap looking. It comes in a hefty sized tin with a picture of a handsome doctor wooing a young maiden on the lid. It did come with a sponge which I threw away because A. it collected dust, B. it looked grubby and C. it served no purpose in picking up the product.
Benefit describes it as a balm, although I would say it’s more wax like, it’s quite hard so the warmth from your fingers definitely helps, just make sure there squeaky clean beforehand. I was told by a ‘Benebabe’ that this is the solid version of Porefessional, and gives the same affect and finish. I don’t suffer from enlarged pores or fine lines, but I can notice a difference in that my skin appears airbrushed. I use this mainly on my nose and I’ve found that besides it looking airbrushed it also keeps the shine away and keeps me matter for longer.  It has a light lavender scent, which is a nice surprise because it looks as though it should smell like an unscented candle.
This retails at £22.50, although mine was originally a gift. I’ve been using mine daily for two months and it has got a visible dint in it, however I don’t think I’ll need to replace it this year. If you were using it all over your face I would say you would definitely need to repurchase more than one a year.
Let me know what your thoughts on this golden oldie are

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