Monday, 28 April 2014

Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick Review | Bobbi Brown Week

Hi Beauty Lovers!

This week Bobbi Brown is taking over my blog! I'll be posting about my favourite Bobbi Brown products over a four part series, the first of which is about my favourite foundation.

I've recently become obsessed with Bobbi Brown products and after having several of their make over lesson's, I've accumulated a rather sizeable collection.

 Crikey Moses look at that packaging how gorgeous is it?! Its a silky foundation stick housed in black and gold packaging, uber sophisticated, much like YSL packaging. I love how simple it is, but how you instantly recognise its high end quality. Argh I just love it!

I do believe Bobbi Brown made this foundation shade with me in mind, my shade being...Porcelain.
In the past me and foundation sticks have been sworn enemies, they've shrivelled and dried after a few months and broke my skin out terribly, so when I bought this foundation I was slightly nervous about using it.

I don't know if it's this particular foundation or if the formula of foundation sticks have dramatically improved in recent years, but my skin really loves this foundation. Although the formula is moisturising and creamy, it really complements my combination skin, I have no oil break through during the day.
I apply it in the standard 'cat wearing a crown' fashion, this being, drawing whiskers on my cheeks, and a crown on my forehead, only me that does this? I then buff it into my skin for a flawless complexion. This foundation gives me full coverage without the mask like feeling. The bonus to this style formula is, it makes concealer obsolete, I simply apply more foundation in problem areas, tap in into my skin and it covers perfectly.

In the past I've found foundation sticks to be fast drying making it blend out unevenly, but this formula is so creamy that it blends effortless and I don't have to work fast with it. This really is the perfect foundation for days where time is something you don't have, its quick, easy and fuss free to apply and it doubles up as a concealer, bonus!
Left: Foundation Free | Right: Wearing 'Porcelain' Foundation Stick
A small amount of this foundation goes along way so it really will last you forever and a day, making the £28 price tag more justifiable. I absolutely love this foundation, it has rapidly made its way the top of my repurchase worthy list.

Please let me know which Bobbi Brown products you love!

I hope you enjoyed the first instalment of my Bobbi Brown series, my next post will be all about my favourite Bobbi bronzer.


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