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Zoeva Makeup Brush - Review

Hi Beauty Lovers

For those of you that follow me on Instagram, you'll have seen these brushes in a coupe of posts, so I thought today was the day to finally write the review I promised.

Having recently suffered the tragic loss of my beloved MAC 266 brush, which then arose like a phoenix from the ashes...very long story...I decided I needed a new eyeliner brush, and I really wanted one of the cute angled bird like looking types.

After a long researching session I landed on the 'Love-Makeup' site looking at the Zoeva brush collection. I'd read a lot of great reviews on these brushes, but I was skeptical about ordering having never heard of this brand before, but when I saw the prices I threw caution to the wind. I obviously then talked myself into buying more brushes and products, including my beloved Lime Crime Velvetine, to qualify for free shipping.

Each brush came in its own zip top pouch with the Zoeva name and logo embossed on the front, my regular readers can imagine how overly excited I got about this. The brushes are really similar to MAC in appearance, apart from the Zoeva ones have a slight shimmer to them.

So now for a close up look at each brush...

315 | Fine Liner
I really wanted this type of liner brush as I'd never used one before and I've seen so many You Tuber's using these and their eyeliner just appeared absolutely also reminds me of a Flamingo for some bizarre reason.
I love this brush so much, it makes my eyeliner appear a lot more rounded and really cuts down on the application time, when using an angled brush I had to draw in a rough line close to my lashes and then go over it to get the shape I wanted. I can also get right in the inner corner of my eyes without it appearing too straight, it just appears a lot more softer.
I love that's its an off white colour, just because when I wash it I know when it's clean, it stops the nasty build up of product.
232 | Classic Shader
This brush is the best of the bunch, my eye shadows have never looked so intense. It has long flat bristles so it gets right up to your crease with one sweep. The bristles are really soft so they don't scratch your eyes, always a bonus. It's not really a multitasking brush, it literally just packs the colour on your eye, but it does it fabulously. I'm buying a few more to have so I don't need to wash this one between each colour.
228 | Crease
You know when you use something and you wonder how you ever lived without it? Well that was it for me with this brush, I was previously using and loving the Urban Decay Good Karma crease brush, and ordered the Zoeva one to use as a backup between washes, but it's actually doing the job a whole lot better. I love how the bristles are rounded, they fit perfectly in your crease, there also quite loose so they don't pick up lots of product, which means you can build your colour gradually. I've washed this brush several times and it reshapes like a dream.
235 | Contour Shader
I find this brush so easy to use, the bristles are so dense and compact that it blends out even the most intense of blacks with ease. The angled shape make it so easy to blend colours close to your lash line and into your crease. It also quite thin so I use it to blend out any eye shadows I've used under my bottom lashes. It white on the tips, so again you know when you've got it squeaky clean.
227 | Soft Definer
This brush is probably the least used of the lot and to be honest is not totally essential. I use it to sweep around the 'edges' of my makeup and blend away any harsh lines, and on occasion to apply a shadow as a highlight. It's made of course and rough feeling bristles, so I tend to use it with haste as it scratches my eyes...soft definer it is not!
So now down to the price, I paid in total for all brushes £29.85. For the quality of these brushes, I think there defiantly worth every penny. I would recommend the fine liner, crease and classic shader brush to absolutely everyone, they've soon become my go to makeup brushes.
If you're like me, and not heard of this brand before, go check them out they have a huge range of brushes and some cosmetics as well. I ordered all my brushes from 'Love-Make', as I said in the Lime Crime Velvetine review it is listed as an official stockist of Lime Crime makeup, so its a company you can buy from worry free.
Let me know if you've heard of this brand before, or if your going to give them a whirl.

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