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Zoeva Haul & Mini Review

Hi beauty lovers!
Happy mothers day to any mummies reading, I hope you've been spoilt! I'm taking my Mom and Nan out for a Sunday dinner.
Today I wanted to share with you a brand that I’ve fairly recently discovered. A while ago I purchased some Zoeva makeup brushes, and I was that impressed with them that I placed another order. The first time I purchased these brushes they were from ‘Love Make Up’ an online shop that stocks hundreds of well-known but harder to get brands, Sigma, Lime Crime and Wanye Goss, just to name a few. However this time when I went to order, they were quite low on stock and didn’t have a great selection, so I ordered direct from Zoeva, where I was blown away by the amount of products they have, and it turns out each item cost slightly less, but I’m talking pennies.
I also got so side tracked by all the other pretty and shiny products that I only ordered one brush, but I've not included that in the haul.
Mineral ‘Pure Glam’ Pigments
How amazing is the packaging, each one comes in its own little box, which I of course love, and because each one has the name printed on the top it makes it so much easier to grab without messing up your collection. The main thing I love about this packaging is they aren’t messy! I am such a clumsy person, so you can imagine the disastrous times I’ve had with my MAC pigments, to name a few; I’ve knocked them over, sneeze half the product away, open it violently and got it all over my hands. So when I opened these pots to find they have a holed separator which you have to tip product into I nearly cried.
Left to Right : Porcelain | Champagne Beige | Zen | Opera | Buddaful

Argh look at how pigmented these are, that was a single swipe across my arm!
Porcelain – Pure white with large pieces of glitter.
Champagne Beige – a soft neutral shimmery brown.
Zen – deep, dark green with a slight shimmer.
Opera – deep, dark plum with a slight shimmer.
Buddaful – a dirty, tarnished gold colour with a small amount of olive green.

So I’ll quickly run through what I think about each shade, Porcelain I had to get just because it’s called porcelain and I thought it might be a dupe for MAC ‘Vanilla’, sadly this is the only shade I don’t like, the glitter particles are really thick, it would be so much nicer if it was shimmery.
Champagne Beige is one my new go to shades, it’s so easy to wear, I use it dry for a day time look and use my setting spray to use it wet for a night time look.
I bought Zen and Opera because I thought they would be a nice alternative to using black, they’re both buildable and blend easily so prefect for a smoky eye.
Buddaful I admittedly just bought because of the name, it makes me laugh every time I see it. It is surprisingly a lot darker than it looks, I’ve been trying different ways to wear it, so hopefully I’ll find the perfect way soon.
These pigments cost £3.50, so for five I paid £17.50, which is cheaper than one single MAC pigment. They quality is just as good as MAC’s, so if you want an alternative to MAC then check them out.
Cream Eyeliner
When I originally ordered from ‘Love Make Up’ I bought a cream eyeliner, which I’ll include just because it’s so pretty.
Again I love the packaging; size is identical to Illamasqua’s gel liner, so not bulky at all, again it has the name on the top so I can easily grab which one I fancy.
Left: Night Violet | Right: Eclipse
Night Violet - A deep plum colour with a hint of shimmer
Eclipse - A dark charcoal grey with a hint of shimmer
The quality and pigmentation is unbelievable, you wouldn’t believe that you were using a ‘cheaper’ brand product. The formula is smooth and soft so glides on easily, without pulling at your eyes. The shimmer is not really noticeable when worn, which I prefer. I’ve been using ‘Night Violet’ for several weeks and it’s not started to dry out at all. I’m really impressed with the quality of these liners.
These both cost £5.50 each, like I said before I’m gobsmacked over the quality of these products, they have a decent selection of colours to choose from and are the perfect price.
This brand is German so your parcel does come from ‘over sea’s’. I placed my order on Tuesday morning and it had arrived Thursday morning, so I’m definitely impressed. I paid £7.50 for delivery which though was reasonable, and even more so when it arrived in 48 hours. My package was securely wrapped and came wrapped in black paper with a note telling me who had packed and posted my parcel.
Thank you Theresa and Yvonne
I would recommend this brand to everyone, they have such a wide selection of products, their brushes are to die for and come single or in any set you could ever wish for.
Let me know if you’ve ordered from this brand before, I’m interested to know how well known it really is.

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