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Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer - Review

Hi Beauty Lovers!
I'm really sorry for not posting as often as I used to, I seriously have a list of draft posts as long as my arm, but I'm currently writing my dissertation which the deadline is June and working full time, I'm starting to get really nervous about the impending deadline date. I'm hoping that I can post twice a week until I hand in my dissertation, then I'm free as a bird to focus all my attention on my blog. So that being said lets begin...
So before I start with the review I just wanted to for warn you this is a contradictory post, but you'll soon find out why...
So after my bad experience with my previous primer (review here) I've been on the hunt for a new primer that exceeds all my expectations, and that hunt landed me at the Smashbox counter, I'd read a lot of good reviews on there primer and hardly any bad ones, so with a bit of advice I walked away with the Photo Finish Foundation Primer in light.
I'm indifferent about this packaging, I find it more functional than eye catching. I like that the majority of the packaging is clear so you can see how much product you've used. I also really like the teeny tiny applicator, it squeezes out just the right amount of product so you don't over prime. The packaging is made of really flexible plastic so when your running low you'll be able to squeeze out every last drop. But like I said its not aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, but I can overlook that for a great product.
Right so this is where the contradictions let me start at the was a typical cold and gloomy day in Sheffield...I jest I jest.
I bought this primer because as I said I had read countless reviews on how amazing this product is, and for the first couple of days I agreed with every positive word written about it, then the breakouts began, one by one until I was barely recognisable to my closest friends. Now I'm not usually one to get spots, I might get one a month if I'm unlucky, but this literally ruined my skin. I ended up buying more face products to try and combat my unsightly face, with I will publish a post on shortly. But unfortunately I couldn't afford to buy another primer as I'd just paid my holiday off and payday was so far away you'd need a telescope to see it, so I had to grin and wear it! After time my skin stopped looking like pebble dash and more like smooth marble, and I slowly phased my new skin saviour products out of my daily routine and I've been using the primer breakout free for three weeks.
So now down to the actual product itself...
I bought the 'light' formula because it was supposed to be the best to combat oil, and let me tell you, it really does mattify your skin, after I use it my skin feels noticeably softer but its not greasy to the touch and your not left with a greasy residue on your finger tips. I find using this and setting my foundation will last me around 10 hours without any pesky oil breakthrough. A little bit goes along way I use a tic tac sized amount, I've been using this since the 8th of February and I'm yet to notice any signs of use.
So you might be thinking I'm crazy for not tossing it, but like I said money was tight and the thought of not priming made my blood run cold, but its turned out to be a really good product. Obviously the reaction I had wont happen to everyone, so I would still recommend this primer to people wanting to have a matte finish to their foundation, but take into consideration that you might end up with a nasty surprise.
Now down to the pennys and pounds, I paid £25 for the full sized primer which contains 30ml, you can also buy the product in a travel size at £12.50.
Now I usually find this part really easy and know exactly how I feel about the cost, however I was conflicted this time, on one hand I find it over priced but on the other hand with the amount I need to use, I can imagine I'll only have to repurchase this twice a year. It bothered me that they had just halved the cost for the travel size, usually if you buy a bigger product you save slightly even if its only buy a few pounds, but its a nice gesture and feels like a reward for been loyal and buying the bigger product.
All in all I will repurchase this primer, as I do really love it now its not doing terrible things to my skin, as I love the way my makeup looks and feels when I'm wearing it.
Let me know if you've used this primer before and how your skin reacted to it.
So there you have it, the worlds most mixed feelings review since blogging began!

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