Sunday, 16 March 2014

LUSH Herbalism - Review

Hi Beauty Lovers!

Today marks the day of my first ever Lush review! I bet your all wondering how the devil I managed to go four whole months without blogging about a single Lush product, with the amount I spend in Lush, so am I!

For those who are among my beautiful followers or regular readers, you'll remember the fiasco I had with my Smashbox Primer, if you don't remember or want a refresher, click the link and have a quick read, because this is the skin saviour post I promised.

For me, Lush packaging is odd to write about, mainly because when I see it, I don't judge it, which is strange because as beauty bloggers we are notoriously drawn to fancy packaging, like moths to a flame. I think because deep down all us 'Lushies' know the good Lush as a company do, to name a few for any newbies, they do not test on animals,  they use natural products where able, and have recently stopped using mica as they cannot guarantee it is mined ethically. And I personally get a smile out of knowing the name of the person who packaged my product. So when I see Lush packaging any thoughts I have on the appearance get flicked right out of my mind.

When I bought this product it was definitely just because of the enthusiasm and recommendation from the sales advisor because the smell alone is enough to turn your stomach. The main ingredient is vinegar, so you can image its quite pungent, especially when your massaging it around your face!

Its a strange consistency, tough enough to be handled but flimsy enough to crumble, you'd have to poke your fingers in it to truly know what I mean. It contains ground almonds which gently exfoliate your skin, but for me its not enough, so I use a facial loafer to make it slightly more abrasive.

When I was first using this I was having a seriously bad breakout and I was informed the vinegar would help dry out any imperfections, and boy did it, I over did the scrubbing and made my face feel as though it had shrunk. The next few times I used it, I concentrated on the offending areas and that worked and felt much better. It really worked in clearing my breakout and I now use it a couple of times a week to keep any future blemishes away, and so far its worked.

Now this is not a traditional cleanser in any sense of the word, its not a cream, mouse, foam or gel, its not even a liquid, so I thought id share with you how I use it...
I break off a small piece about the size of a 10p
I then add a small amount of water to it and give it a mix. Don't run it directly under the tap otherwise it'll wash away.
I then wet a facial loafer until its soft and spongy, add the Herbalism to it and then massage it around my face, concentrating on any problem areas. If you don't want to use a facial loafer you can simply massage the solution into your skin once you've wet it.

I paid £6.35 for the 100g pot, which I think is an absolute bargain, it is worth mentioning that they do have an expiry date, but the one on my pot is ten months so its not something to stress over. This small pot will last me months, I bought mine in February, so I probably wont need to repurchase until it reaches it's expiry date in December, well worth the £6.35.

Its safe to say I absolutely love this product and surprisingly I've grown accustom to it's unique smell.

Let me know if you've used any of Lush's weird and wonderful cleansers and what your thoughts were.


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