Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Clinique Iced Lotus Blush - Review

Hi Beauty Lovers!
Todays post is another 'first' for me, looking back at this month, pretty much all my posts have been reviewing a brand for the first time, and there was a MAC one thrown in for good measure. Well today is another first, its my first Clinique review and my first blusher review.
I normally find it quite hard to get excited about a blusher, it really has to slap me in the face for me to even entertain looking in its direction, let alone swatching it. I can give you the run down of my entire blusher history in two words; Bella Bamba, this was once my most loved beauty product, but as I've grown older and shed my fake tan skin, I sadly find Bella Bamba too bright for my porcelain complexion. For those of you who read that and thought Bella who? Bella Bamba is a gorgeous bright pink blusher by Benefit.
I was quite content getting buy without using blusher, but then I saw one that made my heart skip a beat and I knew it had to be mine! The offending blush was Clinique's 'Iced Lotus'.
For those who know me, you know I keep the packaging for pretty much all my products, but I had to throw the box away for this blusher, so you know it must have been bad! The box was covered in what looked like cartoon drawings of leaves, but really magnified and in faded colours, it really just did not do it for me, I did post a picture of the box on instagram when I first bought it, so have a nosey.

Once you remove the box your left holding an absolutely gorgeous mirrored compact, now that's my kind of packaging. When you open the compact there's another mirror that's actually bigger than most mini handbag mirrors, this has replaced my old favourite bad gal pocket mirror and I now have no excuse not to looked blushed.
I don't like bright blush on myself because I can end up looking like I've got sore cheeks, and that's not what I want people to think when they look at me, so this soft shade suits me perfectly, it gives me a naturally flushed appearance. Those of you with cool pale complexions should definitely give this a swatch because it is perfect for your skin tone. Its a very pale and soft pink but with a gorgeous frosted finish, when applied it looks as though I've layered Benefit's High Beam over the top.

Let me just take a minute to mention the brush that comes with it, usually the brush you get with some products is substandard, but this brush is amazing. I only like to apply blush to the apples of my cheeks, which are on the small side, so this mini brush is perfect for me, and it prevents me getting it everywhere. Its angled which means I can blend up towards my hairline if I wish, without it looking like one thick line. The bristles are super soft but unfortunately they have started to shed, so I will have to switch to my old blush brush soon.
This blusher set me back £21, which at first I thought was a lot to pay, but it seems to be on level with similar brands. It contains 6g of product which is equivalent to MAC and 1g more than benefit.
For me this will last a life time, but that's simply because blush is not part of my every day make up routine, but I will definitely be repurchasing this when the time comes.
Let me know if you've tried this blusher and what your thoughts were.


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