Thursday, 27 March 2014

Benefit Gimmie Brow - Review

Hi Beauty Lovers!
I'm sorry I've been quite this past week, I've recently swapped internet providers and obviously it didn't go hiccup free so I was left internet-less for several days, its literally just been reconnected tonight so the first thing I did was post!
This post has been along time coming, I wont bore you with details, all I will say is due to a poorly timed eyebrow appointment I was delayed photographing the before and after photographs. However it’s been well tested now for three weeks so it’ll be a stellar review.
In some ways I love the packaging because it’s so small and hardly takes up any room in my overflowing makeup bag, however it annoys me how little product you’re actually getting. I love the brush, its the prefect size to comb through even the thinnest of brows without tinting the surrounding skin.
I ended up with Gimme Brow because Benefit were promoting it like crazy in my local boots and they insisted I try it out, I wasn’t actually in the market for a new brow product. but I got drawn into the hype.

It comes in two shades, of which mine is ‘medium/deep’. I think the range of shades is ridiculous, I'm sure there are so many people that don't suit either shade. I was told I could either continue to fill in my brows with my chosen product and then gently comb through my brows with Gimme Brow for a natural finish, or I could press the brush through my brows onto my skin and comb through for the a more intense look.
Left: Without Gimme Brow | Right: With Gimme Brow
I’ve tried both methods and I honestly don’t care for either. The first method seems a colossal waste of money; my clear brow gel gets the exact same finish for a lot less. As for pressing it onto my skin, well that just looked ridiculous, it was impossible to do in less than ten minutes because the product spreads all over your skin, also after a few hours my skin became very dry and I was worried the product would start flaking off.
This set me back £17.50, which in my opinion is so overpriced! There are much better products on the market for a lot less money.
I really don’t get on with this product at all, my eyebrows look immensely better when I fill them in with my powder duo and comb through them with clear gel, it also costs a lot less. Hopefully for those people that do like this product Benefit will release more shades to suit more people.
Let me know what your thoughts were on this product, I’d be interested in knowing if anyone didn’t get on with it

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