Monday, 10 February 2014

POP Beauty Face Magnet Primer - Review

Hi Beauty Lovers!

We all have our beauty pet peeves, I have a friend that physically shudders at the thought of wearing false eye lashes, mine is slightly more tame, I just hate my oily T-Zone. As you know I've recently found the perfect foundations for me, Laura Mercier and No 7, I have also found the perfect mattifying skin care products, I promise to share these with you shortly, all that's missing is the perfect primer.

I spent hours turning over every pixelated stone on the internet, until I fell upon the 'Face Magnet' primer by UK based company, POP Beauty. I read what seemed like hundreds of rave reviews of people claiming their makeup had never clung to their skin better and the caffeine in the product made them appear more awake. So I parted with my penny's and jumped on the band wagon.

I found the packaging practical but not eye catching, pale pink in colour with black lettering. I did however like the pointed squeeze applicator, it allowed me to control exactly how much came out. The material it's made from is very stiff, when your down to your last drops of product you wouldn't be able to give it a good squeeze to get it out, you'd have to either chop it in half or stand it upside down. Its also quite a chunky size so did take up a fair amount of space in my already overflowing makeup bag.
The formula is ridiculously thick, you could literally stand a spoon in it, you can only imagine how it felt on my skin...not good. The product was so thick that it created a white mask over my face, which can be seen in the pictures below, I had to wait a good five minutes to allow all the product to soak in, which when I was in a rush was a huge inconvenience. I had to use more translucent setting powder than usual to dull my shine, and touch up every other hour to keep oil at bay, not what you want in a mattifying primer. I'm usually not prone to break outs, but I woke up to a couple of nasty surprises after using this product for a few days, my skin obviously did not like the formula. Luckily after I stopped using this primer my skin returned to its usual self...phew!
Left: unblended | Right: Blended
I bought the primer from ASOS during a sale so it set me back £13.00, which for this product was way too much. I really hope that it's just a one off and I have better luck with any future purchases, but for now it has well and truly put me off.

My skin and this primer really did not see eye to eye, which is such as shame seen as lots of people claim to love it, for me it was a waste £13.00. That's one of the major negatives to buying beauty products online, you cant test and swatch them, but you live and learn.

Have you tried any products from POP beauty that you loved?


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