Monday, 17 February 2014

MAC Palette - Month Three

Hi Beauty Lovers!

So its that time of month where I share with you the progress of my MAC palette, can you believe I'm just under half way now...I certainly cant!

I know last month I said I fancied a teal colour, but I couldn't find any that were 'me' they were either a matte finish, which I myself am not a huge lover of with bright colours, or they were just way to vivid for me, ah well worse things happen at sea. Me being me, I soon found other products that caught my eye.

The shades I came home with this month were 'Coppering' and 'Expensive Pink', both reddy toned shades, which are apparently the one at making green eyes sparkle.

 Left: Expensive Pink | Right: Coppering 
Top: Coppering | Bottom: Expensive Pink

This was the first shade that caught my eye, funnily enough, whilst I was looking for this exact shade, confused yet? Allow me to explain...MAC's online swatch pictures are not the greatest, so I'd already fallen in love with this shade online, but it looked completely different in the shop. So I was browsing and swatching, as you do, fell in love with 'Coppering', held on to it but didn't look at the name, then I started looking for 'Coppering' again, but how it looked online, unbeknown I was holding onto it. A million swatches later I gave up, I turned the shadow over to get the name of the one I had and I felt like a first class there you have it guys, make sure you check the one your holding onto before you start a mad swatching rampage.
I loved this shade because even in the pan its identical to the colour of a shiny new penny and it certainly shimmers like one. It looks absolutely gorgeous on, as for making my eyes pop, I cant really say I've noticed it personally but I've had complements on my eye make up when I've worn this shade. Its a shimmer finish, not a hint of glitter, just how I like it.

Expensive Pink
This shade just took my breath away as soon as I laid eyes on it, its a soft pink with golden yellow undertones, it would fit right into the Naked 3 palette, so if your a fan of rose gold shades, check it out. It looks gorgeous packed all over the eye and smoked out with a soft grey. It's also a shimmer with not a single particle of glitter, again just the way I like it.

So that's the end of month three's instalment, I'm not really sure what I fancy next month, all I know is I'm not going to look online! I'm positive something shimmery will catch my magpie eyes, but in the mean time leave me some suggestions to nosey at.


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