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Liebster Award

Hi Beauty Lovers!

Todays post is a different one, I've been nominated for the Liebster Award, so I thought I would take part. I was nominated by:

+Charlotte-Louise Thompson from Charlotte-Louise Thompson - she has a self titled blog, like a celebrity! She shares my love of MAC and is often the devil on my shoulder whispering to me about products I should buy. She appears to be insanely in love with cheese... So go check out her blog you wont be disappointed!

So this post appears to have more 'rules' then a long winded game of monopoly, but hey if you really like any of the questions and you've not been nominated, answer them...rules are made to be broken!

The 'Rules':
Mention the blogger that nominated you
Share 11 facts about yourself
Answer the questions the person nominating you wrote
Write you own questions
Nominate other bloggers
Sounds easy enough, lets give it a go...

11 Facts About Me
Number One - I never share my profession with anyone, I like to keep it private, obviously my family and friends know, I obviously don't step out the house in an alias uniform to throw people of the scent. Its always in the top 10 sexiest/glamorous jobs, however in reality it really isn't.

Number Two - Once you've made a friend in me, that's it for life, I'm like a sloth on a branch, I'll just hang onto you. I have unlimited texts for a reason!

Number Three - I'm known to send very long texts, there the kind you need to save up and read on your dinner hour. If mobile phones were like they used to be and you had a limit on the amount of texts you could store, just one text from me would take all your space. I also have a set amount of 'x' I send to my friends, it's a weird habit I know.

Number Four - If I had to compare my self to anyone, personality wise, it would be Meredith Grey from Grey's Anatomy, and my best friend is the exactly the same as her on screen bestie, Christina Yang. Twisted sisters!

Number Five - I have a ridiculously huge family who I am close to every single person, it makes for an extremely pricey Christmas! When I was younger I had six grandparents.

Number Six - I love being in water! Whether its the pool or the sea, I'm an absolute water baby as the saying goes. I have every swimming certificate and badge going from when I took lessons and I still swim around 3/4 times a week. I'm the only person to ever loose weight on a holiday from swimming constantly. I also used to do karate but stopped after I got my purple belt.

Number Seven - 7, 17 and 77 are my favourite numbers. I hate even numbers, I just cannot stand them, if I'm listening to the radio or watching TV the volume has to be on an odd number otherwise I feel uneasy.

Number Eight - I hate cooking, always have done, I could burn a meal without touching it, however ask me to bake and I'm all over it!

Number Nine - I'm obsessed with Mexican food, and regularly eat at my local Mexican restaurant at least every other week. Every time my boyfriends cooks me a meal its always Mexican themed. I could put sour cream on anything.

Number Ten - I have big educational dreams. I graduated from University in 2012 and returned as a distance learner in 2013, doing a degree as well as working full time is not easy! I'm currently looking at masters degrees for 2015. However I'm not an academic person and was only ever average in secondary school, I find it so much easier to just do it, rather than write about doing it.

Number Eleven - I'm a very laid back and happy-go-lucky person. I rarely get upset, I've never once cried at a film in my entire 23 years of living, even after watching seven pounds! I rarely, if ever, get angry and argue with people.

So there you have it, there's my 11 facts, i hope you didn't all pass out from boredom! Now onto answering the questions written by Charlotte...

+Charlotte-Louise Thompson Questions to me:

Number One - Why did you decide to start writing a blog?
I started writing my blog because I was constantly leaving reviews on products that I had bought, but you don't get the same response as you do in the blogging world, so I thought how hard can it be and several months later here I am.

Number Two - What was the first thing you ever posted about?
I posted about the fact that I was new to the whole blogging game just so people read my posts and though 'ahh yeah we'll let her off, she's new...'

Number Three - Your man (or lady) crush has just called whilst your running out the door for work, saying they'll meet you for lunch. You've only got time to run back through the door and grab 1 product - what is it?
My YSL Rouge Volupte lipstick, I am way too attached to this lipstick! love love LOVE it!

Number Four - Name a make up brand that's not so popular that your loving at the moment
Zoeva - I use a gel liner and some makeup brushes from this brand and for the price I'm impressed!

Number Five - What is your favourite food?
Chicken burrito - hands down my holy grail of food, I could eat one million everyday and not get bored.

Number Six - What's the ideal present you would want from me right now (if money were no object)?
American citizenship...She did say money was no object.

Number Seven - Flowers or Chocolates?
Argh neither to be honest. But if I had to chose one it would be chocolate. I'm more of a popcorn or sweets kind of person and I have really bad hay fever.

Number Eight - Shrek or Finding Nemo?
Finding Nemo just because my friends all call me Dory, I'm just in my own world half the time.

Number Nine - Where's the furthest place you've even been?
Erm probably Clear Waters in Florida, been there twice and absolutely loved it!

Number Ten - Starter or Pudding?
Starter all the way!

Number Eleven - What's the most expensive thing you have in your wardrobe?
That would be my Vivienne Westwood bag, which has been used and used and used so a good investment!

My Questions to my Nominees:
Number One - What is your one holy grail product that you would recommend to every one?
Number Two - Which part of your makeup do you enjoying doing the most?
Number Three - Which one brand in your opinion makes the best eye shadows?
Number Four - What are you beauty 'hang-ups'? For example, mine is my ridiculously untameable hair and my combination skin.
Number Five - What's the worst beauty blunder that you used to do?
Number Six - At what age did you first ever start wearing makeup on a regular basis?
Number Seven - What is you all time favourite high end brand?
Number Eight - What is you all time favourite high street brand?
Number Nine - Name your top three brushes, for example, MAC 239, Real Techniques Buffing brush...
Number Ten - What celebrity are you regularly compared to?
Number Eleven - Name one thing about yourself that you love.

Well there's my answers and questions I hope you enjoyed them.

Now to nominate...
+Charlotte-Louise Thompson (breaking a rule I know...naughty naughty!)
+Hannah Roe 
+Millie May 
+Em Ford


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