Thursday, 27 February 2014

Lime Crime Suedeberry Velvetine - Review

Hi Beauty Lovers!

I've being eyeing up Lime Crime lipsticks for many a moon, but having to order online always put me off, but I finally caved in and ordered one of there infamous Velvetine's. For those of you that aren't familiar with the Velevetine collection; there an opaque lip tint which dry completely matte, they currently only come in three colours, soon to be six, and the shade I opted for was Suedeberry.

I ordered from 'love-makeup' the only UK based stockist listed on the official Lime Crime website. I was very impressed with their delivery service, I was waiting no time at all.

How cute is the packaging? The applicator top is covered in cartoon roses and the very top of the tube has a unicorn on it! I love the frosted tube, it really sets it apart from the high street dupes kicking about. It comes with a matching box, which I of course have know me and my weird ritual.

It comes with a doe foot applicator, which I usually don't like, but I'll make an exception in this case, just because you can achieve a perfectly precise look with it.
Firstly let me mention the smell! Oh my god it smells amazing, just like vanilla ice cream! Now having said that, lets get down to the important stuff...

The pigmentation is absolutely phenomenal, the colour you see in the bottle is you colour on your lips after just one swipe. I chose the shade Suedeberry, on Lime Crime's website the swatch appeared red with an orange undertone, however in 'real life' it swatches a more coral colour, which surprisingly doesn't wash out my all ready pale complexion.

The formula's an odd one, its similar to benefit's lollitint but more opaque and more viscous. The first time I applied this, I lathered it on quickity snip thinking it would dry instantly, but you get quite a while to apply it before it sets matte. It's weird to watch it dry, it's like watching a clay face mask dry!

Its surprisingly moisturising when it's dried, not enough to be able to rub it around your lips, but enough that it doesn't crack when you move your lips or cling to your dry patches. I have found you need to check it for wearing off, because although it stains your lips it isn't as long lasting as other lip products and can leave you looking as though you have a weird lip liner thang going on.
Left : wet swatch | Right: dried swatch
This set me back £13.50, I didn't have to pay for postage and packaging because I ordered enough products to qualify for free postage...woops! I think that this price is ridiculously reasonable, if not a little under priced! I would recommend this product to anyone, obviously the shades aren't to everybody's liking, but if your a fan of intense and bright lip colours then you'll love the Velvetine's! 

They currently only stock 3 shades, but there soon releasing a new line 'Clueless Witch' which rumour has it, is based upon the Coven series of American Horror Story! The shades will be matte black, brown and a gothic red.

Another point worth mentioning is that Lime Crime is a 100% cruelty free company, listed on the PETA website, so you can look great and look your furry friends in the eye without any guilt.

For a matte liquid lipstick do not even think of looking any where other than Lime Crime!

Let me know if you've tried any of Lime Crimes products, I really want to try one of their solid lipsticks and see if there really as good as everyone says they are.


Sunday, 23 February 2014

Liebster Award

Hi Beauty Lovers!

Todays post is a different one, I've been nominated for the Liebster Award, so I thought I would take part. I was nominated by:

+Charlotte-Louise Thompson from Charlotte-Louise Thompson - she has a self titled blog, like a celebrity! She shares my love of MAC and is often the devil on my shoulder whispering to me about products I should buy. She appears to be insanely in love with cheese... So go check out her blog you wont be disappointed!

So this post appears to have more 'rules' then a long winded game of monopoly, but hey if you really like any of the questions and you've not been nominated, answer them...rules are made to be broken!

The 'Rules':
Mention the blogger that nominated you
Share 11 facts about yourself
Answer the questions the person nominating you wrote
Write you own questions
Nominate other bloggers
Sounds easy enough, lets give it a go...

11 Facts About Me
Number One - I never share my profession with anyone, I like to keep it private, obviously my family and friends know, I obviously don't step out the house in an alias uniform to throw people of the scent. Its always in the top 10 sexiest/glamorous jobs, however in reality it really isn't.

Number Two - Once you've made a friend in me, that's it for life, I'm like a sloth on a branch, I'll just hang onto you. I have unlimited texts for a reason!

Number Three - I'm known to send very long texts, there the kind you need to save up and read on your dinner hour. If mobile phones were like they used to be and you had a limit on the amount of texts you could store, just one text from me would take all your space. I also have a set amount of 'x' I send to my friends, it's a weird habit I know.

Number Four - If I had to compare my self to anyone, personality wise, it would be Meredith Grey from Grey's Anatomy, and my best friend is the exactly the same as her on screen bestie, Christina Yang. Twisted sisters!

Number Five - I have a ridiculously huge family who I am close to every single person, it makes for an extremely pricey Christmas! When I was younger I had six grandparents.

Number Six - I love being in water! Whether its the pool or the sea, I'm an absolute water baby as the saying goes. I have every swimming certificate and badge going from when I took lessons and I still swim around 3/4 times a week. I'm the only person to ever loose weight on a holiday from swimming constantly. I also used to do karate but stopped after I got my purple belt.

Number Seven - 7, 17 and 77 are my favourite numbers. I hate even numbers, I just cannot stand them, if I'm listening to the radio or watching TV the volume has to be on an odd number otherwise I feel uneasy.

Number Eight - I hate cooking, always have done, I could burn a meal without touching it, however ask me to bake and I'm all over it!

Number Nine - I'm obsessed with Mexican food, and regularly eat at my local Mexican restaurant at least every other week. Every time my boyfriends cooks me a meal its always Mexican themed. I could put sour cream on anything.

Number Ten - I have big educational dreams. I graduated from University in 2012 and returned as a distance learner in 2013, doing a degree as well as working full time is not easy! I'm currently looking at masters degrees for 2015. However I'm not an academic person and was only ever average in secondary school, I find it so much easier to just do it, rather than write about doing it.

Number Eleven - I'm a very laid back and happy-go-lucky person. I rarely get upset, I've never once cried at a film in my entire 23 years of living, even after watching seven pounds! I rarely, if ever, get angry and argue with people.

So there you have it, there's my 11 facts, i hope you didn't all pass out from boredom! Now onto answering the questions written by Charlotte...

+Charlotte-Louise Thompson Questions to me:

Number One - Why did you decide to start writing a blog?
I started writing my blog because I was constantly leaving reviews on products that I had bought, but you don't get the same response as you do in the blogging world, so I thought how hard can it be and several months later here I am.

Number Two - What was the first thing you ever posted about?
I posted about the fact that I was new to the whole blogging game just so people read my posts and though 'ahh yeah we'll let her off, she's new...'

Number Three - Your man (or lady) crush has just called whilst your running out the door for work, saying they'll meet you for lunch. You've only got time to run back through the door and grab 1 product - what is it?
My YSL Rouge Volupte lipstick, I am way too attached to this lipstick! love love LOVE it!

Number Four - Name a make up brand that's not so popular that your loving at the moment
Zoeva - I use a gel liner and some makeup brushes from this brand and for the price I'm impressed!

Number Five - What is your favourite food?
Chicken burrito - hands down my holy grail of food, I could eat one million everyday and not get bored.

Number Six - What's the ideal present you would want from me right now (if money were no object)?
American citizenship...She did say money was no object.

Number Seven - Flowers or Chocolates?
Argh neither to be honest. But if I had to chose one it would be chocolate. I'm more of a popcorn or sweets kind of person and I have really bad hay fever.

Number Eight - Shrek or Finding Nemo?
Finding Nemo just because my friends all call me Dory, I'm just in my own world half the time.

Number Nine - Where's the furthest place you've even been?
Erm probably Clear Waters in Florida, been there twice and absolutely loved it!

Number Ten - Starter or Pudding?
Starter all the way!

Number Eleven - What's the most expensive thing you have in your wardrobe?
That would be my Vivienne Westwood bag, which has been used and used and used so a good investment!

My Questions to my Nominees:
Number One - What is your one holy grail product that you would recommend to every one?
Number Two - Which part of your makeup do you enjoying doing the most?
Number Three - Which one brand in your opinion makes the best eye shadows?
Number Four - What are you beauty 'hang-ups'? For example, mine is my ridiculously untameable hair and my combination skin.
Number Five - What's the worst beauty blunder that you used to do?
Number Six - At what age did you first ever start wearing makeup on a regular basis?
Number Seven - What is you all time favourite high end brand?
Number Eight - What is you all time favourite high street brand?
Number Nine - Name your top three brushes, for example, MAC 239, Real Techniques Buffing brush...
Number Ten - What celebrity are you regularly compared to?
Number Eleven - Name one thing about yourself that you love.

Well there's my answers and questions I hope you enjoyed them.

Now to nominate...
+Charlotte-Louise Thompson (breaking a rule I know...naughty naughty!)
+Hannah Roe 
+Millie May 
+Em Ford


Monday, 17 February 2014

MAC Palette - Month Three

Hi Beauty Lovers!

So its that time of month where I share with you the progress of my MAC palette, can you believe I'm just under half way now...I certainly cant!

I know last month I said I fancied a teal colour, but I couldn't find any that were 'me' they were either a matte finish, which I myself am not a huge lover of with bright colours, or they were just way to vivid for me, ah well worse things happen at sea. Me being me, I soon found other products that caught my eye.

The shades I came home with this month were 'Coppering' and 'Expensive Pink', both reddy toned shades, which are apparently the one at making green eyes sparkle.

 Left: Expensive Pink | Right: Coppering 
Top: Coppering | Bottom: Expensive Pink

This was the first shade that caught my eye, funnily enough, whilst I was looking for this exact shade, confused yet? Allow me to explain...MAC's online swatch pictures are not the greatest, so I'd already fallen in love with this shade online, but it looked completely different in the shop. So I was browsing and swatching, as you do, fell in love with 'Coppering', held on to it but didn't look at the name, then I started looking for 'Coppering' again, but how it looked online, unbeknown I was holding onto it. A million swatches later I gave up, I turned the shadow over to get the name of the one I had and I felt like a first class there you have it guys, make sure you check the one your holding onto before you start a mad swatching rampage.
I loved this shade because even in the pan its identical to the colour of a shiny new penny and it certainly shimmers like one. It looks absolutely gorgeous on, as for making my eyes pop, I cant really say I've noticed it personally but I've had complements on my eye make up when I've worn this shade. Its a shimmer finish, not a hint of glitter, just how I like it.

Expensive Pink
This shade just took my breath away as soon as I laid eyes on it, its a soft pink with golden yellow undertones, it would fit right into the Naked 3 palette, so if your a fan of rose gold shades, check it out. It looks gorgeous packed all over the eye and smoked out with a soft grey. It's also a shimmer with not a single particle of glitter, again just the way I like it.

So that's the end of month three's instalment, I'm not really sure what I fancy next month, all I know is I'm not going to look online! I'm positive something shimmery will catch my magpie eyes, but in the mean time leave me some suggestions to nosey at.


Thursday, 13 February 2014

Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks

Hi Beauty Lovers!

I don't know about you guys but with all the Christmas and New Year releases and now Limited addition Spring collections hitting shops, some of my older products are feeling unloved and undervalued. So I sifted through my entire makeup stash and selected four products that haven't seen the light of day in a very long time, and moved them into my everyday makeup bag so they could get the use they so desperately deserve. 

Benefit - Dr. Feelgood
I completely forgot this product even existed...well durr Lauren that's the point in the post! I'm probably not all to blame, its not exactly Benefits most highly advertised product so it easily slip out of sight and out of mind. This in my opinion is like a solid version of their more famous Porefessional, but it works better on my skin as it's very mattifying, it also helps reduce the appearance of visible pores and fine lines...bonus! I've been using my fingers to apply this product as it's quite hard, Its the first product I use after. If your a regular reader you'll know poking my fingers in a product bothers me, but its such a hard consistency that the sponge you get is quite useless.
Benefit - Creaseless Cream Shadow - Skinny Jeans
This back in my teen years was one of my first Benefit purchases, the shade, not this particular tub! I've repurchased this so many times I've lost count. But as you can tell from last years packaging, this gorgeous shade once again got sadly cast aside. This really is one of the only cream shadows that doesn't crease or fade without the use of a primer, it also works as a great base for a dramatic smoky eye. I don't really know how to describe this shade, its all most a grey with brown undertones, very dark and full of drama. For a day time look I've been using this with a lighter colour to create a wearable daytime smoky eye.
'Skinny Jeans' swatch
Topshop - Lips - Innocent 
This  was the summer of 2013 lip colour for me, its the perfect frosted pink for my pale toned skin, it was never off my lips, but sadly it got thrown by the wayside when I discovered MAC 'Speed Dial'. I've now worked this into my work makeup look by toning it down slightly with a slick of lip balm.
'Innocent' swatch
ELF - Mineral Eyeshadow - Wild 
This was banished to the beauty no man's land, just because it was free with an order, and I hadn't chosen this shade myself. I have used it once or twice for an evening neutral smoky eye. The pigmentation is absolutely superb and rivals more the pricey brands. Since adding this to my everyday makeup bag I've used it with my beloved Illamasqua Sealing Gel to create a dark brown natural looking eyeliner. 
'Wild' swatch
I hope this post has given you the inspiration to rearrange your makeup and give some old products some much deserved love!

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

NARS Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil - Review

Hi Beauty Lovers!

Today I wanted to share with you my first ever NARS lip pencil, the colour I chose was Mexican Rose, a bright fuchsia shade, perfect for spring. After reading a ridiculous amount of rave reviews on these pencils I decided to invest. Living over an hour away from the nearest NARS counter I had to order online which I was slightly apprehensive about following my recent fiasco, however I was not disappointed. I looked at the swatches on the official NARS website but ordered through ASOS to take advantage of student discount and free shipping. I would advise anyone doing the same to look on at the official NARS swatches as the ones on ASOS are not entirely the same, and you don't get in depth product details.

Can we all just take a minute to swoon over the gorgeous simplicity of the design. It reminds me of MAC, but that pop of colour takes to a whole new level! The only problem I envision I'll have is when I come to sharpen it, I'm worried that it'll not sharpen up very well, but I'm sure popping it in the fridge before hand will solve this issue. If any one has sharpened a NARS pencil before please let me know how you did it! I love that it comes in a box, those of you who are regular readers will know I love a boxed lipstick, and have a peculiar ritual of keeping my newest edition in its box until another product knocks it off the top spot.
I had very high hopes for this product, and it did not disappoint. The texture is a mix between a lip balm and a lip gloss, it isn't completely none sticky, but my hair isn't attracted to it like a magnet. It swatches quite sheer on my hand but it has a stain affect so when it starts to wear off the colour is still there. I'm not entirely sure how much product you get, whether its half a pencil or more, but I can imagine this will last me a long time. The pigmentation of the stain that's left on your lips is unbelievable, after I tackled a meal and drinks, the initially glossiness was gone, but I was left with a gorgeous fuchsia tint.
Swatch of 'Mexican Rose'
The pencil retails at £17.50, although I got mine for £15.75...thank you student discount. Compared to some other products NARS sells, £17.50 is a bargain. I'm eyeing up several other shades to order on pay day.

I'm wanting to add the NARS Sheer Matte foundation to my collection, but as I live no where near a counter I'll have to match my own shade online...argh scary! Have you ordered this way before, if so what was your experience?


Tuesday, 11 February 2014

My Current Skin Care Products for Flawlessly Matte Skin

Hi Beauty Lovers!

If your like me and have combination skin, oil and shine is probably on your mind every second of every day! I have a strange mixture of skin types on my face, but hey I guess that's why it called combination, my T-Zone gets oily, my cheeks are normal and around my eyebrows, of all places, are very dry. Over the years I tried and tested enough products to fill a skip with and never found anything that suited my skin, that was until I invested in some Body Shop products last year and a few bits this year. Some of these products I repurchased and some are new finds that I'm absolutely loving.

If you have normal or dry skin this probably isn't the post for you, but you can have a read and nosey over what I've been dabbing on my face.

Be warned this post is going to be quite lengthy, so put your feet up and grab a drink...

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water
This is the newest find of all the products for me, I was in the market for a new makeup remover, which was gentle on my annoyingly sensitive eyes, and I saw this beast of a bottle. It was the only make up remover that wasn't a bi-phase oil based solution or tinted in colour.
The bottle is huge, containing a massive 400ml, I had to rearrange my bathroom cabinet and raise a shelf to fit this in, this wasn't as labour intensive as it sounds, there glass so slot in out like a dream, but still! I do have one issue with the bottles design, usually with other products I've used you would squeeze to get product out, this just pours out so you  end up loosing half the solution if your not careful, this happened to me the first time I used it, I ended up removing makeup from my floor and feet.
I apply a small amount to a cotton pad and when squeezed against my eyelashes it dissolves my mascara in seconds, it doesn't sting my under eyes or make them red or puffy. I think the product name really hits the nail on the head, it's gentle enough to be passed off as water and leaves you feeling like you've just dabbed water around your face, so for those who want moisture and baby soft skin, this might not be the product for you, but as I use it solely for removing makeup it suits me perfectly.
This is one of the cheapest 'cleansing waters' on the market, it cost me £4.99 for 400ml, which I think is a steal. A little goes a long way, so it'll last for several months before you need to restock.

Body Shop Seaweed Purifying Facial Cleanser
This is the oldest product in my skin care routine, I've being using this since late last year and absolutely loving it. I've recently repurchased this product as I loved it so much.

This bottle contains 200ml, so an average amount, it has the squeeze top design which I love so much, so all in all great packaging.

I love this cleanser for many reasons, but the biggest reason is because it doesn't require any all! I use a 10p size amount and rub it all over my face using a cotton pad, I then turn the pad over and use the dry side to wipe away any excess. It leaves my skin feeling baby soft without being greasy from excess moisturiser. It can also be used to remove your makeup, but I found it irritated and stung my under eyes as it required a lot of rubbing to get my mascara off.

This is surprisingly cheap for such a great product, £8.00 for 200ml. When I first bought this product there was a 20% off offer and when I repurchased this product last week it was in a Seaweed 'Essential Kit' which I mention in detail further down.

Body Shop Seaweed Clarifying Toner
I bought this product with the seaweed cleanser so another golden oldie product that I cant live without.

I have no issues with the packaging of this product, like the cleanser it has the squeeze top so I don't pour out half the bottle. Like the previous product it contains 200ml, although I seem to go through this quicker than the cleanser.

This toner really strips your skin of any oil that's left on your face, friends that have used this toner previously have complained that their skin felt tight after using it, so it really is just for combination and oily skin. It really just swipes away anything that the previous two products have missed, whether it be excess oil or foundation lingering around your hair line.

The toner costs £8.00 for 200ml, but I got the same offers I mentioned above so its always been in a deal when I've bought it, lucky me!

Nspa Oil-Free Moisture Gel
This was a spur of the moment buy when I was cotton pad restocking in ASDA, it was on 'roll back' so I snapped it up and I've loved it ever since. I use this in the day time, but only when I'm wearing makeup, I have another day time moisturiser for when I'm make up free, I know it's weird but I'm set in my ways.

It comes in a dinky little pump top bottle, you can screw the top off so when your down to your last drops you can whip the top off and scrape out every last bit.

It has a weird consistency, very similar to hand sanitizing gel, I bet I've instantly put you all off now! It absorbs super quick and leaves your skin looking matte but feeling lovely and soft. I like to use this on days when I'll be wearing make up because it claims to act as a perfect base for foundation, I use a primer as well, so I'm doubly primed.

This product usually costs £7.00 for 50ml, but I bought it during a promotional offer so cost me £4.00. I will be repurchasing this hidden gem again, I'm not sure where else stocks this brand as I've only ever noticed it in ASDA.

Body Shop Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream
This is a fairly new addition to my ever growing skin care family. I got it for £2.00 when I repurchased the Body Shop cleanser and toner, as it was in a Seaweed 'Essential Kit' if it hadn't been in the kit I wouldn't have bought it, not because it isn't a good product but because I already had a great day time moisturiser. I tend only to use this on days when I'm not wearing makeup, again I know its weird.

It comes in a small tub, which I'm not a great fan of, I think there unhygienic and I really scrub my hands before I poke my fingers in. However its great for being able to use all the product and your left with a handy storage tub after its all gone.

This moisturiser has the same consistency as the NSPA gel, however it doesn't absorb as well and I find after a few hours my skin is greasy to the touch. I've only being using this product on days when I'm not wearing makeup, but seen as I'm currently on annual leave from work, supposedly time I booked off to work on my dissertation, I've been having a lot of makeup free days so this has been used a lot.

This retails at £10.00 for 50ml. But like I said I got this for £2.00. Although I've given quite a mixed review for this product I will be rebuying it when I run out, because when I'm just pottering around with no makeup on, it does give my skin a much needed break and probably replenishes the necessary oils I strip away on a twice daily basis.

Body Shop Seaweed Clarifying Night Treatment
I bought this product around Christmas time when all the sales were on, and I've never stopped using it.

I love the packaging, it has the pump dispenser so you can squeeze out the tiny amount you need to cover your face, it so small so hardly takes up any room at all.

I have a love hate relationship with this product, I absolutely love what it does to my skin but I seriously cannot stand the smell of it! I don't know if it's just mine or it's all of them but it smell likes a fish mongers, I'm presuming that the authentic seaweed mushed up in there! I can only use a tiny amount of this otherwise I can smell it...yuck! But it really does heavenly things to my skin, I go to bed shine free and wake up shine free.

This retails at £11.00 for 50ml, but yet again I was lucky enough to buy this during a discounted promotion so didn't pay full price for it. I will be repurchasing this once its run dry, even if I do smell fishy over night.

LUSH Ocean Salt Facial Scrub
I got this in a LUSH Christmas gift box, before then I never knew this existed and boy was I missing out.

This is in a tub, which I've already said I'm not a fan of, but its so thick it couldn't come in anything else, and you get to take a few of your old LUSH tubs back and get a freebie, so that's a bonus.

This is the thickest exfoliator I have ever used...EVER! It has huge pieces of rock salt which quite frankly I'm surprised have not made me bleed...yes its that rough. I thought I could taste lemon in it but apparently I'm tasting 'limes steeped in vodka' wahey, what's that saying...its 5pm somewhere! This is way too rough to use on a daily basis so I tend to use it once a week to scrub off the weeks dirt and a few layers of skin.

This is quite expensive for an exfoliator but it is LUSH so you know it's packed full of good ingredients. I have the small tub which has 120g and costs £7.25, the large tub contains 250g and costs £13.25. But as I said previously I got this in a gift set.

So that concludes my current skin care routine which I don't foresee changing any time soon. There is an offer on at Body Shop at the minute where you can get 'Essential Kits' containing varying mixtures of the Seaweed range, it usually works out that you get one item for a few quid or totally free.

Now I've actually sat down and written about how much I paid for everything I realise I did quite well sale shopping and buying when discounts were on, saved myself quite a few penny's.

Like I said at the start apologies for the length, but I wanted to share my skin care routine and still give you my usual verdicts on the three P's...packaging, product and price.

I hope you enjoyed this post and all you combination/oily skin types, go buy one product from this list and you will notice a huge change to your shininess.


Monday, 10 February 2014

POP Beauty Face Magnet Primer - Review

Hi Beauty Lovers!

We all have our beauty pet peeves, I have a friend that physically shudders at the thought of wearing false eye lashes, mine is slightly more tame, I just hate my oily T-Zone. As you know I've recently found the perfect foundations for me, Laura Mercier and No 7, I have also found the perfect mattifying skin care products, I promise to share these with you shortly, all that's missing is the perfect primer.

I spent hours turning over every pixelated stone on the internet, until I fell upon the 'Face Magnet' primer by UK based company, POP Beauty. I read what seemed like hundreds of rave reviews of people claiming their makeup had never clung to their skin better and the caffeine in the product made them appear more awake. So I parted with my penny's and jumped on the band wagon.

I found the packaging practical but not eye catching, pale pink in colour with black lettering. I did however like the pointed squeeze applicator, it allowed me to control exactly how much came out. The material it's made from is very stiff, when your down to your last drops of product you wouldn't be able to give it a good squeeze to get it out, you'd have to either chop it in half or stand it upside down. Its also quite a chunky size so did take up a fair amount of space in my already overflowing makeup bag.
The formula is ridiculously thick, you could literally stand a spoon in it, you can only imagine how it felt on my skin...not good. The product was so thick that it created a white mask over my face, which can be seen in the pictures below, I had to wait a good five minutes to allow all the product to soak in, which when I was in a rush was a huge inconvenience. I had to use more translucent setting powder than usual to dull my shine, and touch up every other hour to keep oil at bay, not what you want in a mattifying primer. I'm usually not prone to break outs, but I woke up to a couple of nasty surprises after using this product for a few days, my skin obviously did not like the formula. Luckily after I stopped using this primer my skin returned to its usual self...phew!
Left: unblended | Right: Blended
I bought the primer from ASOS during a sale so it set me back £13.00, which for this product was way too much. I really hope that it's just a one off and I have better luck with any future purchases, but for now it has well and truly put me off.

My skin and this primer really did not see eye to eye, which is such as shame seen as lots of people claim to love it, for me it was a waste £13.00. That's one of the major negatives to buying beauty products online, you cant test and swatch them, but you live and learn.

Have you tried any products from POP beauty that you loved?


Friday, 7 February 2014

MAC Mineralize Skin Finish - Soft & Gentle - Review

Hi Beauty Lovers!

Welcome to February! Wow am I glad January's over with, it was a long month, especially when you don't have two penny's to rub together & there's a new product been released on a daily basis. So today I present to you a product that I am fairly new to, in the past I have been a die hard and loyal fan of Benefits 'High Beam' and on occasion 'Moon Beam' which are gorgeous liquid highlighters, It wasn't until I started blogging that I discovered the beauty of powdered highlighters. I chose to start my journey into the world of highlighters at...yeah you guessed it...MAC!

I opted for 'Soft and Gentle' I thought the name was quite fitting to the situation.

Who doesn't love MAC's packaging?! Usually I like a good eye catching bottle, but with MAC I love how they let the product get your attention. It comes in the typical Mineralize Skin Finish compact, perfect size for your bag, the product is domed as always maximising the amount you get.
The way the light was reflecting off this I did not stand a chance it was love at first sight, I didn't even swatch it, woops. It's a peachy colour that has a gold finish, usually gold is very unflattering on pale cool complexions such as my own but as you only need a smidge it looks gorgeous. Its a subtle shade, which can only been seen when caught in the light. I love using this on my cheek and brow bones and cupids bow, you can also use this on your nose, but I prefer not too, it does not need more attention drawing to it. I've also swirled this over my blusher for a nice shimmery finish. It also looks great in the inner corners of your eyes when wearing a full eye look.
Please excuse my extremely pale arm.
This set me back £22, but I will literally be taking this to the grave! At the end of the day MAC is what it is, we all wish it was cheaper because we love it so much and could spend hundreds in seconds.

This highlighter is outstandingly gorgeous and would flatter any skin tone, you can use as much or as little as you want and still look beautiful.

Have you used any of the other MAC highlighters, if so which ones do you recommend?


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