Friday, 24 January 2014

MAC Palette - Month Two

Hi Beauty Lovers

Today I present you with the newest editions to my MAC family, how gorgeous are these shades?! *stares lovingly*

I had to show some serious restraint when buying these as I could have easily filled the entire palette in seconds, that would have been one hell of an expensive impulse.

Like I said previously, I have neutral shades coming out of my ears, so this is a more experimental palette, which is currently overruled by varying red, pink and purple shades.

The colours I decided on this month, were Cranberry and Star Violet.

Top: Cranberry  |  Bottom: Star Violet
Left: Star Violet  |  Right: Cranberry

This is a gorgeous but deceiving shade, to look at its a red shade but when applied it is more earthen, actually the more I look at it the more I realise this is a cheat colour, woops. It looks great applied all over the lid and really smoked out with a charcoal colour.
Star Violet
I wanted this eye shadow from when I was first snooping at shades, it was out of stock for that long I was beginning to think it was an urban myth! But I finally got my paws on it, and it is the most perfect crease shadow.  Its really hard to photograph because its a shade that transforms when it hits the light, one minute its a shimmery brown the next its a reddish shade.
So that concludes my second instalment, next month I'm thinking teal colours, so if you have any recommendations, let me have them.

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