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Benefit: Whole lotta lovin' & Grovvy kind-a love

Happy New Year Beauty Lovers!
I hope you all saw 2014 in, in style. I had quite a relaxed new year, it one of the first NYE that I've actually stayed in, but I really enjoyed it.
I have set myself some New Years Resolutions but I want to de a dedicated post on these, so I wont be mentioning them just yet.
I thought I'd start the new year with a good old review. Like I said in my previous post I've been super busy this Christmas, it wasn't until yesterday that I could sit down and have a play with all the makeup I received.
I received Groovy Kind-a Love and Whole Lotta Lovin' Benefit sets, I also got the Little Love Potion's set, that contains some of Benefits best sellers, in miniature form, so I may review those in the future.
Groovy Kind-a Love

Included in this set:
The POREfessional - a much loved pore minimiser, a little bit goes a long way, so this mini version will keep me pore free for the foreseeable.
Benetint - One of my absolute favourite Benefit products. Some people really cannot get on with Benefit's tints, but once you know how to apply them you'll want to buy out their entire stock.
They're Real Mascara - I really do not get on with this mascara at all, I find it way to watery, my eyelashes instantly clump together, I much prefer thicker formulas that you can layer, if you are the same, do not buy this mascara, save your penny's.
Dandelion - A barely there pink blusher. This fails to show up on my pale skin tone, very disappointing because its such a pretty shade.
Gimme Fever - a dusky pink shimmery blusher. This looks quite dark in the set but when applied its a gorgeous off pink colour. The shimmer does slightly put me off wearing it more, just because I don't like my face to look glittery.
Tickle My Ivory - a flat off white eye shadow. Benefit advertise this as an under brow highlighter, but I personally am not a favour of using flat white as a highlighter.
Gilt-y Pleasure - copper coloured shimmery eye shadow.
Shimmer Down - pale brown shimmery eye shadow.
Kiss Me - I'm Tipsy - dark brown shimmery eye shadow.
Time for some swatches...
Top to bottom:
Kiss Me - I'm Tipsy
Shimmer Down
Gilt-y Pleasure
Tickle My Ivory
Top: Gimme Fever | Bottom: Dandelion (I promise it is there)
Whole Lotta Lovin'
Included in this set:

They're Real Masacara - As I said above a let down for me, I now unfortunately have another one to add to my collection.
Boi-ing Concealor - medium shade, way to dark for my skin tone unfortunately, but a great concealer.
Hoola Bronzer - one of my all time favourite bronzers. It's a flat brown so your face doesn't look shimmery or glittery. Its light enough for my pale skin tone, but can be layered up for darker skin tones.
No Pressure - a cream eyeshadow in dark brown. I absolutely love Benefits creaseless eye shadows there so easy to apply and stay put all day.
It's Complicated - pale brown shimmery eye shadow - very similar to Shimmer Down.
Nude Swings - A peachy/coral coloured shimmery eye shadow.
Kiss Me - I'm Tipsy - Same as in the previous set. 
Time for some swatches...
Top to Bottom:
Kiss Me I'm Tipsy
Nude Swings
It's Complicated
Top to Bottom:
No Pressure
All in all I'm quite happy with these sets, I love benefit eye shadows, and these shades are all limited edition, so grab them while you can, especially seen as these sets are now half price on Benefits website, I have my eye on the gloss set.
Let me know if you've got any of these sets, and what your opinions are.



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