Friday, 31 January 2014

Laura Mercier - Oil Free Foundation - Review

Hi beauty lovers!

I hope you haven't missed me too much I know I've been lagging with my posts this month. I have a huge stash of products to review and so little time to write, well at least when I do get the time to do it they'll have been tried and tested for a good long while...ever the silver lining. Any way swiftly moving on...

I've been on the hunt for an evening or special occasion foundation for a while, but having a circle of friends that religiously use MAC it's taken me quite a while to find the perfect one. As you all know from my previous post I am No7 'Beautifully Matte' foundation's biggest fan, but I wanted to slap something different on my face for a night out. I know, I know I'm weird!

After reading and watching countless reviews I was lead to the Laura Mercier counter. If you have fair skin like me you need to get yourself to the nearest Laura Mercier count now! I was so impressed with the amount of choice they have to offer us fair maidens. I got matched to the shade 'Blush Ivory', which is one of the lighter shades, not the lightest I might add!

I initially loved the packaging, with its gorgeous frost glass bottle and included pump, but then I soon realised there could be a lot of waste from this product when the pump stops sucking up the foundation and I've got to smack it out on the back of my hand. Ahh well nothings perfect.

I've worn this foundation many times, from a quiet meal out to a 7 hour night out dancing with my friends, and it's yet to let me down. Its quite a thick formula which initially put me off because I thought it would be too heavy for my combination skin, but it feels like a second skin. When a translucent powder is applied its set for the night, I required no touch ups, even around my nose, the third time I wore this foundation I didn't slip my powder compact into my bag...I did however fill this space with 2 additional lipsticks, girl logic at its best.

I still use my beloved Real Techniques buffing brush for application, it does require a bit of extra buffing due to the thickness of the formula, but once buffed to perfection it looks and feels like a second skin.

Top: Unblended swatch | Bottom: Blended swatch
Ahh the price, I did what I usually do, become attached to the product before finding out the price, needless to say I was slightly taken aback at the cost, its defiantly the priciest foundation I've ever bought. This cute frosted beauty set me back £33.00, but considering how much I've grown to love this product it was money well spent.

Let me know if you've tried this foundation before, what were your thoughts?

I'm wanting to expand my foundation collection so I have more options to choose from so if you have combination skin and have a foundation you cannot live without let me know.



Friday, 24 January 2014

MAC Palette - Month Two

Hi Beauty Lovers

Today I present you with the newest editions to my MAC family, how gorgeous are these shades?! *stares lovingly*

I had to show some serious restraint when buying these as I could have easily filled the entire palette in seconds, that would have been one hell of an expensive impulse.

Like I said previously, I have neutral shades coming out of my ears, so this is a more experimental palette, which is currently overruled by varying red, pink and purple shades.

The colours I decided on this month, were Cranberry and Star Violet.

Top: Cranberry  |  Bottom: Star Violet
Left: Star Violet  |  Right: Cranberry

This is a gorgeous but deceiving shade, to look at its a red shade but when applied it is more earthen, actually the more I look at it the more I realise this is a cheat colour, woops. It looks great applied all over the lid and really smoked out with a charcoal colour.
Star Violet
I wanted this eye shadow from when I was first snooping at shades, it was out of stock for that long I was beginning to think it was an urban myth! But I finally got my paws on it, and it is the most perfect crease shadow.  Its really hard to photograph because its a shade that transforms when it hits the light, one minute its a shimmery brown the next its a reddish shade.
So that concludes my second instalment, next month I'm thinking teal colours, so if you have any recommendations, let me have them.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Illamasqua Sealing Gel - Review


Hi Beauty Lovers!
Firstly, I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while, it seems like I've been away forever and a day! Secondly, I hope your all hanging in there, I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, payday is nearly here...T-minus 31 hours!
I recently saw this product on the Illamasqua website when I was browsing the New Year sales, and after watching the 'moving swatch' video on their website I was hooked!
For those of you that don't know this product, fear not, it is a water resistant liquid which turns any powder into a paste. I bought it because I instantly visualised myself turning every eye shadow I own into an eyeliner.
As I've mention before about this brand, I'm not overly keen on their packaging, this particular packaging it reminds me of a bottle of eye drops. The bottle is so rigid, making it really hard to squeeze, but as its new I luckily don't have to do much squeezing, it just jumps out of its own accord. It is also really tiny, so tiny that I have to keep it in the box so it doesn't get washed away in my sea of makeup.
Ahhh I'm in love! This product does not disappoint, it does exactly what it says on the bottle. So far I've used this product to create a more intense, pigmented eye shadow, a more noticeable brow highlight and a obviously a liquid eyeliner. One drop makes enough product to create an eyeliner for both eyes. 
Now for some swatches...
Top to bottom (all Urban Decay)
Strange | Dust | Buzz | Scratch | Honey | Graffiti | Fishnet | Ransom | Peace | Underground
How to
Here's how I mix the product with my eye shadows to make an eyeliner, I found this works best for me, it also uses only one drop so makes the product last longer.
Step One | Release a single drop onto your chosen eye shadow.
Step Two | Let it soak in slightly - if you mix it in straight away the consistency is too thin.
Step Three | Swirl your brush in a very small circular motions, covering your brush with the liquid.
Colour worn above is Mug Shot from the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette
Step Four | Apply your gorgeous new eye liner. If you feel the consistency is too thin, simply mix more eye shadow in with the sealing gel. I usually create the line when the consistency is thinner, then when I'm happy I make the formula thicker to really make the colour pop.
Its safe to say I absolutely love this product, and for what it can do it was a steal. If you want super pigmented eye shadows or if you want to make your gorgeous  eye shadows into eyeliners, then this is the product for you.
Have you used this product or one similar? What were your opinions?

Monday, 13 January 2014

Urban Decay Lush Lash Mascara - Review


Hey Beauty Lovers.

Today I bring you a product I've being dying to share with you, Urban Decay's Lush Lash Mascara, it claims to have a serum infused and moisture rich formula which makes your lashes grow long and thick whenever worn, how handy is that?

I've always been a bit dubious about lash lotions and potions and concoctions which claim to give you spider leg eyelashes, but when I spotted this 2-in-1 mascara in the boxing day sales I had to give it a go. My thinking was if it turned out to be a let down, it might be a half decent mascara.


Just look how gorgeous the packaging is, although I am a sucker for Urban Decay designs. It is quite simple for Urban Decay, but there's nothing worse than overwhelming packaging housing an underwhelming product. The tube narrows at the top so scrapes away excess mascara as you pull the wand out, leaving you with the right amount on the wand. Its a simple tube design, making it super easy to hold and obviously to apply.


I've been using this mascara just under 3 weeks and I'm yet to wake up to fan like eyelashes. I'm not sure if this is supposed to be a slow growth and one day BAM I cant open my eyes as my lashes are so long! I have noticed, or should I say, haven't noticed my lashes fall out when I take my makeup off, maybe its like Regaine for eyelashes?

The mascara its self is really good, although it does require a bit of patience as the formula is very thin, so needs building up in layers to achieve a long and thick look, for this I apply 3 coats.

I used to wear 2 mascaras for a day time look, I now wear only this one, and 3 for an evening look, I now wear just 2, but I do like to really lather on the mascara for a night out.

After one coat
The wand is an hourglass shape, which gives you the lift of the traditional C shaped or curved wand, but coats each lash. It has short rubber bristles which are designed to get the very base of your lashes. Another benefit to the rubber bristles is you can easily scrape away an excess mascara if you think too much is on the wand, without damaging or dislodging the bristles. It has slight flexibility so has some give when your wiggling it up your lashes.


I purchased this mascara for £13.50, during a 10% promotional Christmas offer, it usually costs £15 full priced, still not a bad price, especially when many high street brands, such as Bourjois and Rimmel London charge £9.99 for some of their mascaras! Its a high end bargain product.

I would recommend Urban Decay Lush Lash Mascara too anyone who wants a mascara more than a mythical lash growth potion, but can we really be sure these eyelash serums actually work?

Let me know if you've used this mascara or any lash serums and awoke with dramatically long and luscious lashes.



Monday, 6 January 2014

Illamasqua Precision Gel Liner

Hello Beauty Lovers!

Last year, wow that feels weird to say, I parted with my penny's for the much hyped about Illamasqua Precision Gel Liner, after using it many times I'm ready to let you know all about it.

I'm not overwhelmed by the packaging, but the more I look at it the more reminds me of MAC; minimalist and noir. I was however, won over by the compactness and cuteness of the size, it manages to find the smallest gap to fit into,in my overflowing makeup bag.

Swatch - all Illamasqua

When I was mentally justifying adding yet another gel liner to my collection, the gorgeous Illamasqua ladies ensured me it was the most pigmented gel liner on the market and was gentle enough to use on my waterline, and well the rest is an expensive blur.

When comparing this to my other gel liners the end result is no darker than the others, in fact the were all the same shade of black, however a little goes a long way; with my other liners I have to dip five or six times to create a winged liner look, with Illamasqua, two dips and I'm done.

Another positive to this formula is that it's very hydrated, its showed no signs of drying out, I have found cheaper formulas needed to be applied with a wet brush, because the liner is so hard. I can apply this with a clean dry brush and after I simply wipe it on a cotton pad and its primed and ready for my next use.

The staying power on this liner is incredible, it literally stays put all day long. Its water resistant, so makes it quite tricky to take off, I've had to invest in a good quality water proof makeup remover.

When applied to my waterline, it creates a line so dark that I've never been able to achieve with a kohl pencil, however it can look quite harsh so I tend not to use wear it like this for a daytime look.

If your new to eyeliner application, this may not be the product for you as one tiny mistake is very hard to erase, you end up in the; do I make the line thicker or remove the lot dilemma.

This liner will set you back £18, but for the quality and the tiny amount needed, it is more than worth it. I predict this liner will outlast a few tubs of the cheaper brands.

I absolutely love this liner, its the first product I have in this brand, and it has exceeded my expectations in every way, I will defiantly be adding one of their highly talked about lipsticks to my collection. The only downside is, to my knowledge it only comes in black, I would love to see this product in metallic colours.

Here's a look a created using the liner
Let me know if you've tried this gel liner and love it as much as I do.



Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Benefit: Whole lotta lovin' & Grovvy kind-a love

Happy New Year Beauty Lovers!
I hope you all saw 2014 in, in style. I had quite a relaxed new year, it one of the first NYE that I've actually stayed in, but I really enjoyed it.
I have set myself some New Years Resolutions but I want to de a dedicated post on these, so I wont be mentioning them just yet.
I thought I'd start the new year with a good old review. Like I said in my previous post I've been super busy this Christmas, it wasn't until yesterday that I could sit down and have a play with all the makeup I received.
I received Groovy Kind-a Love and Whole Lotta Lovin' Benefit sets, I also got the Little Love Potion's set, that contains some of Benefits best sellers, in miniature form, so I may review those in the future.
Groovy Kind-a Love

Included in this set:
The POREfessional - a much loved pore minimiser, a little bit goes a long way, so this mini version will keep me pore free for the foreseeable.
Benetint - One of my absolute favourite Benefit products. Some people really cannot get on with Benefit's tints, but once you know how to apply them you'll want to buy out their entire stock.
They're Real Mascara - I really do not get on with this mascara at all, I find it way to watery, my eyelashes instantly clump together, I much prefer thicker formulas that you can layer, if you are the same, do not buy this mascara, save your penny's.
Dandelion - A barely there pink blusher. This fails to show up on my pale skin tone, very disappointing because its such a pretty shade.
Gimme Fever - a dusky pink shimmery blusher. This looks quite dark in the set but when applied its a gorgeous off pink colour. The shimmer does slightly put me off wearing it more, just because I don't like my face to look glittery.
Tickle My Ivory - a flat off white eye shadow. Benefit advertise this as an under brow highlighter, but I personally am not a favour of using flat white as a highlighter.
Gilt-y Pleasure - copper coloured shimmery eye shadow.
Shimmer Down - pale brown shimmery eye shadow.
Kiss Me - I'm Tipsy - dark brown shimmery eye shadow.
Time for some swatches...
Top to bottom:
Kiss Me - I'm Tipsy
Shimmer Down
Gilt-y Pleasure
Tickle My Ivory
Top: Gimme Fever | Bottom: Dandelion (I promise it is there)
Whole Lotta Lovin'
Included in this set:

They're Real Masacara - As I said above a let down for me, I now unfortunately have another one to add to my collection.
Boi-ing Concealor - medium shade, way to dark for my skin tone unfortunately, but a great concealer.
Hoola Bronzer - one of my all time favourite bronzers. It's a flat brown so your face doesn't look shimmery or glittery. Its light enough for my pale skin tone, but can be layered up for darker skin tones.
No Pressure - a cream eyeshadow in dark brown. I absolutely love Benefits creaseless eye shadows there so easy to apply and stay put all day.
It's Complicated - pale brown shimmery eye shadow - very similar to Shimmer Down.
Nude Swings - A peachy/coral coloured shimmery eye shadow.
Kiss Me - I'm Tipsy - Same as in the previous set. 
Time for some swatches...
Top to Bottom:
Kiss Me I'm Tipsy
Nude Swings
It's Complicated
Top to Bottom:
No Pressure
All in all I'm quite happy with these sets, I love benefit eye shadows, and these shades are all limited edition, so grab them while you can, especially seen as these sets are now half price on Benefits website, I have my eye on the gloss set.
Let me know if you've got any of these sets, and what your opinions are.


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