Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Wing it - a guide to eyeliners

Welcome back Beauty Lovers.

Two posts in one day my my I have been a busy bee. As you may or may not already know I've participating in the December Makeup Challenge, and todays challenge was winged liner. So I thought I would share with you my thoughts on liquid, gel and kohl eyeliner.

Liquid Liner
Miss Sporty Studio Eyeliner

This is my favourite of the lot, this is the type I've always worn, ever since I started wearing makeup. The thing I love about liquid liner is that a cheap one is just as good as an expensive one. I use Miss Sporty eyeliner, I think its probably around £3 and it lasts forever. I've repurchased this brand for years.

For beginners liquid eyeliner is no easy task, its not easy to correct so you have to add more to cover your mistakes and before you know it, your entire eye is covered with liner, been there done that. But once you've mastered liquid eyeliner you can create sharp edges and precise detailing.

Gel Liner
Seventeen Black Lash Gel Liner

Gel liner is the newest edition to the crew, its seems to have soared in popularity this past year. Its kind of the middle man of liners, its got the blendability of a kohl liner, but the intensity of a liquid. With this type I find the cheaper ones tend to dry out and do not apply as smooth as the more expensive brands. This liner is applied with a brush, I recommend using one of your own as the one you get free doesn't tend to be all that brilliant. I use mine with a brow brush, I find I can create a simple winged look this way. I also use this liner if I'm creating a dramatic cut crease shadow.

I would recommend this liner to some one who knows there way around a kohl eyeliner. Any mistakes can easily be removed, but you do need a steady hand when applying.

Kohl Liner
Back Left: Benefit Bad Gal Eyeliner
Front Centre: Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencil
So last but not least is the eye pencil's or the kohl eyeliners. These are perfect for beginners, as they glide on so easily and mistakes can easily be removed. Kohl liners are super blendable, so can be made as dramatic or subtle as you want. The other bonus to this liner is you can use it on your upper and lower waterline to really set your eyes off. If you want to create a soft cut crease then a soft handed application of a kohl liner will start you off nicely. With kohl eyeliners I haven't used a cheaper brand that I can actually recommend, I find the more expensive brands to glide on easily and to have more intensity.

If your wanting to create a winged eye liner look then this is not the eyeliner for the job, I find it quite hard to create a sharp and precise flick with this type. This is a perfect starter eyeliner, there super easy to apply and any mistakes can easily be removed.

Gel | Liquid | Thick Kohl | Thin Kohl
Left to Right

Let me know which is your favourite liner and if you've created and looks using it.



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