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Real Technique Brushes - Review

Good Evening Beauty Lovers!

Todays post is one I've been itching to do for what seems like forever. For those of you that follow me on instagram 'porcelainqueen1' you will have seen a while ago I posted a picture of my gorgeous brand spanking new Real Techniques brushes.

I like to use a brush/set of brushes for a while before I decide whether I like them or not, because on the first go they probably seem like the best thing since sliced bread, then after the first wash all the bristles fall out, and alas its cast aside.

So as you can see from the above picture I didn't do things by halves, myself and my bank card dived right in and purchased practically every type of brush sold. Although saying that they didn't cost the earth, I paid £30 including delivery from Amazon.
Before I start with the review I thought I say a quick few lines about the origins of this brand and the brushes them selves. Im sure if you use YouTube for makeup tutorials you will at some point come across 'Pixiwoo', well the talented Samantha Chapman from those tutorials helped design and create Real Techniques. The brushes 100% synthetic and 100% cruelty free!
So now you have a bit of insight, lets start the review...
I purchased the 'Starter Set' and the 'Core Collection' and got the blush brush thrown in for free...always a bonus. They come in a black case which you either open and close like a book or you can split it horizontally down the middle and secure it with a drawstring making a stand (the is shown in the pictures).
The Core Collection
1. Blush Brush - not included in the Core Collection
2. Contour Brush
3. Detailer Brush
4. Pointed Foundation Brush
5. Buffing Brush
Blush Brush
My new best friend! I used this with my mineral face powder and literally 3 sweeps and my entire face is set for the day. This brush is huge, but works to my advantage, its saved me a precious few minutes in the morning.
Contour Brush
I found this brush a tad too small to contour anything if I'm being honest so I mainly use it to apply extra powder where I really want my make up setting, mainly around my nose and under my eyes. It works perfectly for this, I suppose if you were using it too apply a powdered highlighter then fair enough less is more in that situation, but for powder and bronzer I find it way too small.
Detailer Brush
This little fella has revolutionised concealer for me, its so small and light weight that it helps cover all your imperfections. The size of it helps reach right up to your lash line, and glides round the sides of your nose with ease.
Pointed Foundation Brush
This is one of the brushes that has got cast aside unfortunately, since discovering the buffing brush. It works perfectly well as a foundation brush, no doubt about that, but I love the finish I get from the buffing brush
Buffing Brush
This is hands down my favourite brush of the bunch, it applies my foundation like an absolute dream. It isn't technically supposed to be used for liquid foundation, its sold a brush to apply mineral foundation, but it does the job perfectly with my liquid foundation. I find the fibres are so dense that it doesn't easily get clogged up, like a typical shaped foundation brush. The foundation brush I was previously using I needed to clean every week because the bristles started to move as one, but with this brush I didn't need to clean I wanted to clean it, which makes a tremendous change. When I first opened these brushes the sheer size of the intimidated me, but after using it for a while I'm used to the larger size, and must say I prefer it.
Starter Set
1. Deluxe Crease Brush
2. Base Shadow Brush
3. Brow Brush
4. Pixel-Point Eyeliner Brush
5. Accent Brush
Deluxe Crease Brush
This brush I only use to highlight my brows with, I don't know if its the short, dense fibres, but my highlighter seems to looks a lot better after applying with this brush. Again sadly I'm not using it for its intended purpose, but due to the size I don't think I could contour my eye with this.
Base Shadow Brush
How big is this brush?! This is one of the brushes I use the least, mainly due to the size of it, I only tend to use it when I want to sweep a single colour from my lid to my brows. If I want to apply a base colour just to my lids I have to use a different brush, which is a shame really. I do find it works quite well as a blending brush though. So again like the buffing brush its been used for a different purpose.
Brow Brush
A must have for anyone really, its a lot larger then other eyebrow brushes I've previously used and its actually saved me time when filling my brows in.
Pixel-point eyeliner brush
Again another brush that I've rarely used again due to the size of it, its such a shame its so big because it really would have been the perfect gel eyeliner brush.
Accent Brush
This is the underdog of the entire brush set, its small size makes you just glance over it, but this has become my best friend when creating a smoky eye or a cut crease look. Its also small enough to run under your lower lash line perfectly.
Overall my favourite brushes of the set are the 'base' ones, they just leave my skin looking flawless and I love the size and the feel of them. As for the starter kit I wouldn't say I regret buying it, but when I'm doing my eyes I don't reach for this kit.
I would recommend the buffing brush, blush brush and detailer brush to anyone, because they honestly are the best of that type of brush I have ever used. As for the rest, you can decide your self after reading the review.
Let me know if you've used these brushes and what you think to them. Is there any that you use for a different purpose?


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