Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Getting Lippy - My Favourite 3 Lipsticks

Merry Christmas Beauty Lovers!

I can officially say it, now I'm feeling all festive and done all my shopping and wrapping *pats self on back*, trust me that's a huge accomplishment for me.

So day 10 of the makeup challenge was 'Favourite 3 Lipsticks', and I wanted to share them with you and just explain why they made it to the top 3.

Number 1

YSL Volupte Shine Lipstick - Number 19

So this is quite a newbie to my collection, its still at the stage where I put it back in its original packaging when its not been used...yes I know its weird! It my new Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Shine lipstick. I've had this less than a week and its been on my lips every single day, I just cant get enough of it! The colour is super pigmented, and it seems to stain your lips so each application is deeper in colour. Its so, so moisturising and feels like your wearing a balm or a butter. The packaging just oozes luxury, with its gold casing and a sneeky peek of the colour in the middle. It is a bit pricey at £24, but for me it is worth every single penny, I've already got some other shades eyed up ready for the boxing day sales.

Number 2
MAC Sheen Supreme - New Temptation
This is my go to red, I absolutely love this colour. I remember the day I bought this lipstick, I walked over to the MAC counter and just basically said, I want a red lipstick, I was sat down on a stool, and a few minutes later one of the lovely MAC girls brought over at least 10 red lipsticks, I nearly fell off that stool! But for all those reds, there was only this one that actually suited me, the experts say there is a red for everyone, and this is defiantly the one for me.
Its from the 'Sheen Supreme' collection so its in slightly different packaging to the others. There is just one teeny tiny thing I don't like about this lipstick, and that's the shape of it, basically it comes flat, which until you use it a few times makes it a very messy application, this is where the amazing pigmentation works against you because it makes it so hard to wipe off, needless to say I resembled the joker a fair few times.
Number 3
MAC Crème Sheen - Speed Dial

Last but not least Speed Dial by MAC, its a gorgeous shimmery pink. I've actually repurchased this shade, which I think is a big commitment with a lipstick, when I've been to repurchase others, by the time I've drooled over all the other shades, I've rarely walked out with the one I intended to buy. In fact when I bought Speed Dial, I was set on repurchasing Saint Germain, but had a change of heart. But who knows I might go back for it a third time and come out with something completely different. This one out of all three is defiantly the heaviest coverage, its a lot more matte, but its not drying and doesn't cling to any dry bits on your lips.
Left: Speed Dial (MAC) | Middle: 19 (YSL) | Right: New Temptation (MAC)
Let me know if you have any of these shades, of have any similar that you absolutely adore.


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