Monday, 2 December 2013

Flawlessly Matte Skin

Hello beauty lovers!

Welcome to December, I hope you guys are feeling festive and getting excited for Christmas. Although in the Porcelain Queen household, there is not a single piece of tinsel, not even one twinkling fairy light, we are all obviously now on Santa's naughty list :(

So believe it or not, my skin tone has recently changed, I've found that my MAC foundation has become slightly too dark. So I took advantage of the situation and went on a hunt for a new one. I've been loyal to MAC for my foundation for years, but I wanted to try something new, so when I saw No7 were offering true match colour tests my curiosity got the better of me.

I don't know if you've ever been colour matched, but let me tell you it's quite fascinating. I thought they would do it the old fashioned way, by this I mean either hazard a guess at my shade and test it on my skin, but nooo! A strange gun shaped object was held against my jaw, a couple of seconds later and there was a small picture of my skin was being analysed on a teeny tiny screen, a few more seconds later and voilĂ  my skin had been colour matched to 'warm ivory'.

But enough about futuristic, foundation laser guns...

Top left: unblended swatch | Bottom left: bended swatch
It claims to give you flawlessly matte skin for up to 14 hours, the No7 girls told me it would last about 10 hours, but in honestly I found it to last for around 12 hours, if I found myself attending an impromptu evening out I simply patted on some powder and it was set for the foreseeable.

The colour is a 100% perfect match, I don't have that tell tale 'tide' mark around my jaw that you get from wearing the incorrect shade. The coverage is full, it covers everything, and I mean everything, I only have to use my concealer for any pesky breakouts.

I initially thought I wasn't getting much product, but there's 30ml, which is the same as the MAC foundations. The packaging is plain and simple, but what more do you need from a foundation bottle?!

Lastly the price, at £12, I think its an absolute steal, its already fluttering its pump at me, flirting with me to repurchase, and I'm sorry MAC but it seems to be working. In all seriousness this is the perfect foundation for me, its mattifying against my oily T-Zone, it stays put for my long working days, and it covers everything from a sleepless night to an all nighter.

I know some of you sleuths have noticed the other product in the pictures, well that is a new bronzer that seventeen have released which has a shade especially for fair complexions. I've been using this product for contouring my cheekbones, and it is amazing! Its none shimmery, huge thumbs up, and a very pale bronze so not a dramatic look. I've been pairing this bronzer with the No7 foundation and been loving my new flawless skin.

Let me know if you use this product and what you think if it.



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