Wednesday, 4 December 2013

December Makeup Challange Day 3 & 4

Welcome back beauty lovers!

Here are the next two instalments of the December Beauty Challenge, I have finally caught up to date. From tomorrow I will try and blog my looks daily, so keep your eyes peeled. So without further delay here are days 3 and 4.

Day Three - What's in your bag?

I found this one a tad confusing, mainly due to the fact I had seen people posting images of them creating a look with only the products they were carrying in their bag, but the question mark on the end makes me think you want to be nosey and rifle through my bag?! So I decided on the latter...
Like most of you I have a big bag with hardly anything in it, or a small bag that's bursting at the seams, at the time it makes perfect sense I can assure you. This is the bag I took to work with me last night, so gives a true reflection on my day-to-day bag contents.
There's all the essentials in there...a nice hat for winter... kindle...lipsticks...concealer...
So now you've seen inside my typical working day bag, you nosey parkers ;) I love reading this type of post because I pick up loads of tips and ideas just by seeing what other people cart around with them.
Day Four - Coloured Liner
I decided to keep it simple, I fear bright colours all over my eyes, because I somewhat resemble a clown! So if I wear a coloured liner I make damn sure I have a perfectly primed and nude eye, this makes it less circus like and more colour pop. Again like with day 2 of the challenge, for any colour I immediately rummage through my Urban Decay collection. I settled on a deep purple for the top lash line and half the lower lash line, and a bright in-your-face green for the second half of the lower lash line.
For this look I used the Urban Decay, 24/7 glide-on eye pencils in 'Ransom' and 'Graffiti'.
Left: Graffiti | Right: Ransom

I hope you enjoyed the second helping of my take on the December Makeup Challenge.
Let me know if your involved in anything similar.


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