Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Battle of the Highlighters - Round Two

Hey Beauty Lovers!

So todays post is the second instalment of the Battle of the Highlighters. If you didn't see the first round, then you can have a cheeky read here.

As I mentioned previously I have a love for benefit highlighters, they have the most gorgeous packaging and the products work like a dream. I use Benefit's High Beam every day under my eyebrows and if I'm wearing lipstick I dab a little on my cupids bow.

So like I said in the previous post I took advantage of the current high street offers and had a good old nosey at the high street shelves. One of the products that caught my eye was actually an eyeshadow stick, it was the most gorgeous colour that I had to test it out, and to my surprise it makes a damn good highlighter. The product I parted with my penny's for was Collection's eyeshadow pencil in 'Vanilla Sky'. I have later found out that Collection are selling the lighter shades as a two-in-one eyeshadow/highlighter pencil.

Before I start with the post I must apologise for the travel size 'High Beam', I've recently run out and I have it on good authority that Santa will be dropping me a replacement down my chimney, so I'm making do with a mini bottle I got in one of their gorgeous gift sets. If you've never seen Benefit's High Beam before, just imagine the bottle pictured below in a larger form.

Round Two - Benefit's 'High Beam' vs Collection's 'Vanilla Sky'

Left: Benefit 'High Beam' | Right: Collection 'Vanilla Sky'
If I'm being honest neither really wow my socks off, both have opted for minimal packaging. High Beam is enclosed in a bottle with a nail varnish style application brush, this is great when it's a spanking new bottle, but when your close to empty its so frustrating trying to get the last bits out. Vanilla Sky comes in a stick which can be sharpened and you can use every bit.
Winner - Collection
This one was a hard one, as one is in liquid form and one in solid, to make matters even tougher, collection do not document the amount on the packing or on their website. Benefits 'High Beam' holds 13ml which seems a measly amount. Its hard to estimate which is the most so not awarded a win to either products.
Winner - None
High Beam offers a pink/silver finish, which looks gorgeous when caught in the light. Vanilla Sky has a yellow/gold finish. Despite Vanilla Sky being in stick form it blends into the skin very easily. High Beam as you can imagine is very blendable as it comes in liquid form. If it wasn't for the slight, but subtle, difference in colour you would be none the wiser to what I was wearing.
Winner - Draw
Left: Benefit 'High Beam' | Right: Collection 'Vanilla Sky'
The price tags on these items are very different, High Beam will set you back £19.50, where as Vanilla Sky costs a measly £3.19.
Winner - Collection
Would I rebuy?
I would rebuy both these products. Vanilla Sky has made its way into my every day make up bag, and high beam is now used for evening looks. Although Collection has completely and utterly blown me away in quality, look and price, I will still continue to rebuy both products, mainly because they both of equal quality and also because I love wearing different makeup on evening occasions then I do in the day to work, if this is not an issue for you than Vanilla Sky will be your new best friend.
Winner - Draw
Well it appears we have a clear winner, it seems collection have released quite an under dog product.
Overall Winner - Collection 
Have you tried either of these products or have a dupe that's worth checking out?

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