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Battle of the Highlighters - Round One

Hey Beauty Lovers!

It seems recently that highlighters are invading the high street makeup shelves. I thought I would take advantage of the Christmas offers and purchase myself a high street highlighter. For as long as I can remember I've always used Benefits 'High Beam' and a few years ago I added 'Girl Meets Pearl' to my collection.

I use my high beam absolutely every day, I use it under my eyebrows, on my cheek bones and my cupids bow. I use Girl Meets Pearl for my evening look, I mix it in with my foundation to give my skin a fabulous glow.

So I bought two high street products and tested them out to see if they matched up to my beloved Benefit products.

This first post is round one in the battle and will focus on Benefit's 'Girl Meets Pearl' and Seventeen's 'Glow & Prime'. My Second post will focus on Benefit's 'High Beam' vs a high street dupe.

Round One - Benefit's 'Girl  Meets Pearl' vs Seventeen's 'Glow & Prime'.

Left: Benefit 'Girl Meets Pearl' | Right: Seventeen 'Glow & Prime'

Lets be honest, Benefit was always going to win this round, just look at the gorgeous packaging, its metallic pink casing with the moonlit backdrop oozes glamour and girlyness, its something you just want to show to everyone. Seventeen have gone for the minimal look and tried to make the product the selling point, you cant see it on the picture but the bottle shows off the shimmery product inside, I'm sorry Seventeen but I wouldn't be itching to show this packaging off.

Winner - Benefit

So the next thing I looked at was the amount, and we have a clear winner, Benefit's huge bottle holds 12ml, whereas Seventeen's holds 30ml. This actually shocked me, because I'd actually never looked at the amount before today, I assumed they'd be roughly same because there similar sized bottles, boy was I wrong.

Winner - Seventeen

Finish - when mixed with foundation
When mixed with my regular foundation Benefit feels no different, just the dewy complexion I'm left with gives it away. When I mixed Seventeen's in with my foundation, it became thinner, I was left with less coverage, and my skin felt very oily, I did however have a nice shimmer. You may not be put off by the oiliness and the change to coverage, but I like my foundation matte and my cover full and flawless.

Winner - Benefit

Finish - when applied on top of foundation
I applied this with a stippling brush so my foundation was not moved, or dislodged shall we say. Benefit's applied with a gold/pink finish, Seventeen's was more silver/pink. On look alone I loved them both equally, however the oiliness of Seventeen's formula showed itself again. I found benefit's highlighter much easier to blend into my skin as the formula was much thicker, Seventeen's was very hard to blend due to the thinness, by the time I had finished, my entire face was nearly covered with the product. Overall Benefit's product ticked all the boxes yet again.

Winner - Benefit

I am basing this section purely on the look it gives my skin and nothing else. I loved the look that both products gave my skin, I defiantly saw a difference. Benefit gave me a subtle highlight, whereas Seventeen made me more shimmery, which I don't mind as a one off for an evening look.

Winner - Draw
Top left: Seventeen 'Glow & Prime' unblended | Top right: Benefit 'Girl Meets Pearl' unblended
Bottom left:  Seventeen 'Glow & Prime' blended | Bottom right Benefit 'Girl Meets Pearl' blended

I'm basing the price on all the above sections, so lets start with Benefit, I paid £24.50, there's nothing I do not like about this product, the price tag seems very steep, however if I told you I'd being using this product since December 2012 would that change your opinion? Moving on to Seventeen, I paid £5.99 which is a very good price, however there's a lot of major things I do not like about this product, so for me even though it was cheap as chips, it was a waste of £5.99!

Winner - Benefit

Would I rebuy?
Benefit, yes, yes and yes again, I continue to rebuy this product and until something else blows my socks off I will continue to rebuy. Seventeen, not a chance, I'm sorry I just really didn't get on with this product. You will be happy to know that I haven't binned it, I've given it a loving home in my sisters makeup bag.

Overall Winner - Benefit.

Have you tried either of these products? Have you got a dupe for Benefit's primer that I need to try out?



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