Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Quick & Easy - Smokey Eye

Aloha beauty lovers!

It been a particularly nippy day here in Sheffield, so I thought I would stay in and post a tutorial.

I absolutely love this look, its my most worn day time look, this is mainly due to the ease of it. Its a very subtle smokey eye, but a lick of red lipstick and it instantly goes from a day time look to a glam night look.

I look so upset when I look down - I do apologise!
 Here is a list of products I used...
Rimmel London Fix & Perfect Pro Face Primer
Benefit Erase Paste - 01 Fair
MAC Pro Longwear Foundation - NW20
Benefit 'Hello Flawless' Face Powder - Toffee
The Body Shop Brow & Liner Kit - 02
Miss Sporty 'Just Clear' Mascara
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion
Benefit Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow - Birthday Suit (a pale shimmery nude/uber pale brown)
Benefit Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow - Skinny Jeans (A very dark shimmery brown, almost grey/charcoal)
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencil - Zero
Miss Sporty Studio Lash Eye Liner - 001
Miss Sporty Studio Lash Instant Volume - 001
Clinique High Impact Mascara - 01
Benefit Hydra-Smooth Lip Colour - Wing Woman
So grab your makeup bag and lets get cracking!
Step 1. After you've applied you usual foundation, apply an eyeshadow primer, I used Urban Decays, its the only one I have ever used, I absolutely love it and will probably never stray from this...if it aint broke, don't fix it. Make sure you get right into the crease of your eye, nothing worse then your gorgeous smokey eye melting away.
Step 2. Tame your brows. Any face is instantly transformed with a filled in brow, as you can see from my picture above.
Step 3. Roughly split your eye into half (please do not literally do this, just imagine it), apply 'birthday suit' or your shimmery nude, to the inner half, making sure you apply up to your crease
Step 4. To the other half of your eye do the same as above but with 'Skinny Jeans' or your choice of grey. At this point its pretty much going to look a bit 'unsubtle' or to put it bluntly, a bit rubbish.
Step 5. This is where the magic happens! Arm yourself with a blending blush, if you don't have a one, grab the biggest fluffy eyeshadow brush you can lay your mits on. Next...blend like a woman possessed! You'll know you've blended enough when there's a gradual gradient to the colours .
Step 6. Line your water line with a kohl eyeliner. I have chosen to do the top and bottom, it gives the eye a bit more definition, and on me, makes my greens look more tropical lime as opposed to swamp water green.
Step 7. Line the eyelid with your choice in eyeliner. I much prefer liquid eyeliner, but gel or kohl will look just as beautiful. I also chose to add a flick at the end, but again, entirely your choice.
Step 8. Nearly there, don't give up now! Grab your mascara wand and get wiggling it on your lashes!
Step 9. Apply plenty of a nude coloured lippy, I opted for Benefits 'wing woman'. Stand back and enjoy your handiwork. Give your self a cheeky wink and pout.
Just practising my cheeky pout ;)
If anyone follows this tutorial, drop me a comment, or use #porcelainqueen1 on instagram to show it off.

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