Thursday, 14 November 2013

Loose Lips

So as I mentioned in my first post I have an unhealthy obsession with lip sticks, and especially love a good pink shade, so imagine my delight when my latest ELF delivery dropped through my letterbox.

I accidentally on a purpose, ordered four lipsticks, now usually I'm not a believer in buying cosmetics online unless I've tried them in store, or know exactly what I want, but I fell in love with these shades and simply had to have them.

Before I start I must apologise for the quality of the photographs, it was a particularly gloomy day here in Sheffield, so like Bear Grylls I worked with what id got.

Top left: Sociable | Tope right: Red Carpet | Bottom Left: Classy | Bottom Right: Rich Raspberry
If your a fan of hot pinks then this is most defiantly the shade for you and its super duper pigmented so has the wow factor. The colour you see on the website is the colour of the product in person, and due to the high pigmentation its same colour on your lips. One major downfall to this product, in my opinion, is the pieces of glitter embedded into it, I'm more of a 'team shimmer' rather than 'team sparkle' kind of person. Having said that because its so new and hardly been used no of the glitter has worked its way free so it might not be a glittery as it looks. This lipstick is super moisturising and because of this it has ridiculous staying power.
The one bugbear I have with this lipstick is the cheapish looking packaging and the stiff twist section. But overall I can let that slide as it is after all a cheap lipstick, and set me back a whopping £1.50.
Red Carpet 

If your like me and have wanted to try a 'velvet lipstick' or 'lipstick stain' for forever and a day then I highly recommend ELF's lip stain. The above photographs do make it out to be a coral shade, but its  very deep magenta, almost red. It goes on quite uneven, but the colour and intensity can easily but built up with two or three applications. It takes about five minutes to fully dry, in that time it is very sticky, but when its fully dried it is on your lips for good. I prefer not to wear lip glosses mainly due to the fact my hair automatically gets stuck to my lips, even when I'm not moving, so I haven't tried the clear gloss on top, but to be perfectly honest I love the look of it enough.
I love the packaging and the quantity is really good, you genuinely do get a lot of product to use. Price wise again its another home run for ELF, £3.75 this stain will set you back.
I'm not going to say as much about this lipstick as it is the same type as 'Sociable'. I will obviously comment on the colour...which is amazing! I've had this lip stick a whole three days and it has never been off my lips! It is my new favourite work shade, its a 'barely there' shade or as I like to call it 'is she, isn't she' shade. There is one major problem I have discovered in these past three days with this wont last long! Since taking the snaps above, the point has gone, I've literally used about a quarter of it in three days...boohoo. But with it costing a measily £1.50 its not going to be a bank balance breaker to replace!
 Rich Raspberry
 Last but not least I bought one of ELF's 'mineral' lipsticks, these are slightly higher priced at £5.00. The shade is a subtle dusky pink, and looks quite good against my uber pale complexion (if I do say so myself). This glides on like an absolute dream, literally one swipe across top and bottom and voila your all set! It is moisturising, but not so much as 'Sociable' and 'Classy', so if you do suffer from dry lips a quick application of lip balm before applying it will fix that.
The packaging looks more high end, mainly because I'm partial to a bit of black packaging, must be my subconscious love of MAC kicking in! Unlike the cheaper options the twisty bit isn't stiff at all. I call it 'twisty bit' because I'm not 100% sure what is called!
Just encase your interested here's what the finished product looks like on...
Left: Classy | Right: Rich Raspberry
Left: Sociable | Right: Red Carpet
I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.
Lauren    AY


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