Friday, 29 November 2013

Revlon Lip Butter

Candy Apple                                                      Wild Watermelon
Greetings beauty lovers!
I recently purchased two Revlon Colour Burst Lip Butter's in shades 'Candy Apple' and 'Wild Watermelon' and wanted to share my thoughts.
My lips always become dry during the colder months, and this does not bode well with my love of matte lipsticks, so when I saw these popping up everywhere I jumped at the chance of trying them out. They are super moisturising and well quite frankly, there are surprisingly pigmented. Also can I just take a minute to appreciate the uber cute packaging. Did I mention they are an absolute steal at £6.99 each?! What is there not to love about this product?
Top right picture: Left Lip Butter - Candy Apple | Right Lip Butter - Wild Watermelon
Left: Wild Watermelon | Right: Candy Apple
As you can see from the swatches the shades I picked are very similar. I'm a creature of habit!
Candy Apple - is a gorgeous red shade with orange undertones, this shade of red is usually hideously unflattering on me, but as the lip butters aren't as pigmented as a lipstick I can thankfully pull it off *fist pump*.
 Posey posey
Pouty pouty
Wild Watermelon - this shade instantly makes me picture myself lounging in the sun sipping cocktails out of a hollowed out watermelon...then reality drags me back to earth...but its worth it for those precious few minutes. It is a vivid pink shade, the swatches unfortunately do not show the true colour of this shade.
Posey posey
Pouty pouty

All in all I absolutely love these lip butters, and they will be on my lips all winter long.
Let me know if your also loving this product as much as moi.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Quick & Easy - Smokey Eye

Aloha beauty lovers!

It been a particularly nippy day here in Sheffield, so I thought I would stay in and post a tutorial.

I absolutely love this look, its my most worn day time look, this is mainly due to the ease of it. Its a very subtle smokey eye, but a lick of red lipstick and it instantly goes from a day time look to a glam night look.

I look so upset when I look down - I do apologise!
 Here is a list of products I used...
Rimmel London Fix & Perfect Pro Face Primer
Benefit Erase Paste - 01 Fair
MAC Pro Longwear Foundation - NW20
Benefit 'Hello Flawless' Face Powder - Toffee
The Body Shop Brow & Liner Kit - 02
Miss Sporty 'Just Clear' Mascara
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion
Benefit Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow - Birthday Suit (a pale shimmery nude/uber pale brown)
Benefit Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow - Skinny Jeans (A very dark shimmery brown, almost grey/charcoal)
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencil - Zero
Miss Sporty Studio Lash Eye Liner - 001
Miss Sporty Studio Lash Instant Volume - 001
Clinique High Impact Mascara - 01
Benefit Hydra-Smooth Lip Colour - Wing Woman
So grab your makeup bag and lets get cracking!
Step 1. After you've applied you usual foundation, apply an eyeshadow primer, I used Urban Decays, its the only one I have ever used, I absolutely love it and will probably never stray from this...if it aint broke, don't fix it. Make sure you get right into the crease of your eye, nothing worse then your gorgeous smokey eye melting away.
Step 2. Tame your brows. Any face is instantly transformed with a filled in brow, as you can see from my picture above.
Step 3. Roughly split your eye into half (please do not literally do this, just imagine it), apply 'birthday suit' or your shimmery nude, to the inner half, making sure you apply up to your crease
Step 4. To the other half of your eye do the same as above but with 'Skinny Jeans' or your choice of grey. At this point its pretty much going to look a bit 'unsubtle' or to put it bluntly, a bit rubbish.
Step 5. This is where the magic happens! Arm yourself with a blending blush, if you don't have a one, grab the biggest fluffy eyeshadow brush you can lay your mits on. Next...blend like a woman possessed! You'll know you've blended enough when there's a gradual gradient to the colours .
Step 6. Line your water line with a kohl eyeliner. I have chosen to do the top and bottom, it gives the eye a bit more definition, and on me, makes my greens look more tropical lime as opposed to swamp water green.
Step 7. Line the eyelid with your choice in eyeliner. I much prefer liquid eyeliner, but gel or kohl will look just as beautiful. I also chose to add a flick at the end, but again, entirely your choice.
Step 8. Nearly there, don't give up now! Grab your mascara wand and get wiggling it on your lashes!
Step 9. Apply plenty of a nude coloured lippy, I opted for Benefits 'wing woman'. Stand back and enjoy your handiwork. Give your self a cheeky wink and pout.
Just practising my cheeky pout ;)
If anyone follows this tutorial, drop me a comment, or use #porcelainqueen1 on instagram to show it off.

Monday, 25 November 2013

What's inside my make up bag?

So one post that I repeatedly keep seeing and loving is 'What's in my makeup bag?'. If you're like me, a complete and utter nosey parker, then you'll love this type of post. I find that I can pick up some amazing tips and reading how other people use their products can give me inspiration. This is just my general work/day time makeup bag.
As I've grown older and into my skin, gone are the days of heavy bronzing. I much prefer my foundation to match my skin colouring and focus on trying to achieve the flawless look, so needless to say I do not use too many products on my face. I recently stopped using blusher on a day to day basis as my current shade (benefit - Bella Bamba) makes me look like a china doll with painted on cheeks, so the search for a perfect pink blush begins.

1. MAC Pro Longwear Foundation - NW20.
2. Eco Tools Kabuki Brush
3. Rimmel London Fix & Perfect Pro Face Primer - 002
4. Benefit 'Hello Flawless' - Toffee
5. Benefit Erase Paste - 01 Fair
6. Eco Tools Airbrush Concealer Brush
7. Ruby & Millie Foundation Brush
I absolutely love doing my eyebrows, no matter how much make up I have on I feel naked without them filled in. I could never get on with the brow kits that have the wax counterpart, so I bought a clear mascara to tame and set my brows after there filled.
1. The Body Shop Brow and Liner Kit - 02
2. Miss Sporty - Just Clear Mascara
3. Benefit mini duel ended brush - came in set and thought it was perfect for my brows.

I have tried so, so many mascaras I've lost count, and I cant quite remember how I stumbled across this mix, but the two mascaras pictured below just work for me. These products I have repeatedly repurchased, and will continue to.
1. Miss Sporty Studio Lash Eye Liner - 001
2. Miss Sporty Studio Lash Instant Volume - 001
3. Clinique High Impact Mascara - 01
4. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion
5. Benefit Bad Gal Eyeliner
6. Benefit Creaseless Cream Eye Shadow - Skinny Jeans
7. Urban Decay Eyeshadow - Oil Slick
8. Benefir Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow - Birthday Suit
9. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencil - Zero
I have recently fallen in love with benefits new hydra-smooth lip colours. I used to absolutely love Benefits old lip sticks, 'Jing-a-ling' was never off my lips, but they seemed to have stopped selling it, boohoo. But alas they have shot straight back into my good books with the release of their new lip colours.
Benefit Hydra-Smooth Lip Colour - Wing Woman
Must Have's
Extras I have to need to have to hand. My trusty tweezers, especially since my eyebrows have the ability to grow over night, lucky me *rolls eyes*.  
1. Perfume Atomiser - containing Viktor & Rolf - Flowerbomb
2. ELF Makeup Mist & Set
3. Duel sized sharpener
4. No7 Tweezers
Well there you have it, that's my every day make up bag. If you use any of these products or alternatives please let me know, like I said, I'm a nosey parker and would love to read/see what you use.


Thursday, 14 November 2013

Loose Lips

So as I mentioned in my first post I have an unhealthy obsession with lip sticks, and especially love a good pink shade, so imagine my delight when my latest ELF delivery dropped through my letterbox.

I accidentally on a purpose, ordered four lipsticks, now usually I'm not a believer in buying cosmetics online unless I've tried them in store, or know exactly what I want, but I fell in love with these shades and simply had to have them.

Before I start I must apologise for the quality of the photographs, it was a particularly gloomy day here in Sheffield, so like Bear Grylls I worked with what id got.

Top left: Sociable | Tope right: Red Carpet | Bottom Left: Classy | Bottom Right: Rich Raspberry
If your a fan of hot pinks then this is most defiantly the shade for you and its super duper pigmented so has the wow factor. The colour you see on the website is the colour of the product in person, and due to the high pigmentation its same colour on your lips. One major downfall to this product, in my opinion, is the pieces of glitter embedded into it, I'm more of a 'team shimmer' rather than 'team sparkle' kind of person. Having said that because its so new and hardly been used no of the glitter has worked its way free so it might not be a glittery as it looks. This lipstick is super moisturising and because of this it has ridiculous staying power.
The one bugbear I have with this lipstick is the cheapish looking packaging and the stiff twist section. But overall I can let that slide as it is after all a cheap lipstick, and set me back a whopping £1.50.
Red Carpet 

If your like me and have wanted to try a 'velvet lipstick' or 'lipstick stain' for forever and a day then I highly recommend ELF's lip stain. The above photographs do make it out to be a coral shade, but its  very deep magenta, almost red. It goes on quite uneven, but the colour and intensity can easily but built up with two or three applications. It takes about five minutes to fully dry, in that time it is very sticky, but when its fully dried it is on your lips for good. I prefer not to wear lip glosses mainly due to the fact my hair automatically gets stuck to my lips, even when I'm not moving, so I haven't tried the clear gloss on top, but to be perfectly honest I love the look of it enough.
I love the packaging and the quantity is really good, you genuinely do get a lot of product to use. Price wise again its another home run for ELF, £3.75 this stain will set you back.
I'm not going to say as much about this lipstick as it is the same type as 'Sociable'. I will obviously comment on the colour...which is amazing! I've had this lip stick a whole three days and it has never been off my lips! It is my new favourite work shade, its a 'barely there' shade or as I like to call it 'is she, isn't she' shade. There is one major problem I have discovered in these past three days with this wont last long! Since taking the snaps above, the point has gone, I've literally used about a quarter of it in three days...boohoo. But with it costing a measily £1.50 its not going to be a bank balance breaker to replace!
 Rich Raspberry
 Last but not least I bought one of ELF's 'mineral' lipsticks, these are slightly higher priced at £5.00. The shade is a subtle dusky pink, and looks quite good against my uber pale complexion (if I do say so myself). This glides on like an absolute dream, literally one swipe across top and bottom and voila your all set! It is moisturising, but not so much as 'Sociable' and 'Classy', so if you do suffer from dry lips a quick application of lip balm before applying it will fix that.
The packaging looks more high end, mainly because I'm partial to a bit of black packaging, must be my subconscious love of MAC kicking in! Unlike the cheaper options the twisty bit isn't stiff at all. I call it 'twisty bit' because I'm not 100% sure what is called!
Just encase your interested here's what the finished product looks like on...
Left: Classy | Right: Rich Raspberry
Left: Sociable | Right: Red Carpet
I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.
Lauren    AY


Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Newbie Alert


So this is the standard 'I'm new to this game' post. I've fretted for days over what I would write, so I just thought id just do a quick get to know me post.

I live in the UK, where its cold, wet and grey 90% of the time. I do not work in the beauty profession, I just have an absolute love of makeup, and a slight lipstick addiction.

I wanted to start a blog because I'm constantly leaving reviews on products I buy, and I thought why cant I share my ramblings? I also love love LOVE doing my makeup and thought I could share some tips and tricks I've learnt.

I thought an explanation of my blog name might also be a good idea; I wanted something that stuck out, Lauren isn't exactly an eye catching name, so I took inspiration from my pale complexion, and decided upon Porcelain Queen.

So now you know a little about me I'll end it with this...

I recently received a large order from ELF, mainly lipsticks (woops), so I thought why not officially start my blog off with a bang and review my new products? So when I'm fully confident navigating myself around the site, I'll crack on.

Lauren AY
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